Archer Weekly: Divisions

Archer Weekly: Divisions
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Evil Corp Defeated

It was a good week in the AFCE as the division went 2-2 with the teams that will make the playoffs taking care of the teams they should and the two teams battling for top five picks being hilariously bad.

New York Jets: Fake

The New York Jets are playing their third string QB who is just as good as their starting QB. Just like the past two weeks, the results have been the same. Adam Gase the Boy Wonder has turned a bad offense into 2018 Willie Taggart bad. Gase found a scapegoat in the offense by releasing backup QB David Fales so the offense should be fixed. LeVeon Bell was a home run against the Patriots as he averaged 1.9 YPC and had a whopping 63 yards. He sure showed them. At least the Jets have one winnable game in the Miami Dolphins but even that isn’t a guarantee.

Miami Dolphins: Trials

The Dolphins are finally a NFL team by making the smart move and starting rookie QB Josh Rosen. The Dolphins played media darlings Dallas Cowboys and didn’t look like the worst team in the NFL (thank you Jets). Rosen looked alright considering how bad the team was and there may be a way to trade him for a 3rd next year once they tank for Tua. The biggest concern for the Dolphins is whether they lose to the Steelers, or beat them as that game might decide who gets the #2 pick (Jets go 0-16 because Gase it Up).

Buffalo Bills: Waking Up

The Bills were going through the motions against the Bengals as the offense was sleep walking and the defense took a nap in the 2nd half. Josh Allen yet again went over 200 yards and currently has the second longest streak behind AFC Championship Loser Patrick Mahomes. Frank Gore was good for his age and yet again outproduced LeVeon Bell for a fraction of the cost. The defense was for the most part still good and held a team under twenty points again. The Bills big test is next week when they face contract breaking New England Patriots.

Patriots: Lost to FSociety

The Patriots had by far the easiest game of the season as they got to play the cupcake known as the New York Jets. It was a snoozer of a game as the Patriots had their way since they actually targeted Ryan Izzo (who had the catch of the century). The defense didn’t even have to try to shut down their opponent. The game was so out of hand the Patriots had to let the Jets get a defensive and special teams touchdown so they could cover the spread. The Patriots were a perfect machine on Sunday and have their toughest task at hand when facing the best QB in the NFL and the defense with the longest active streak holding teams under 400 yards. Next week should be good.

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