Archer Weekly: Something to Believe In

Archer Weekly: Something to Believe In
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It was a big post season for a few teams in the NFL as outside of God’s Gift to Football, the other three teams are sitting out the playoffs.



New England Patriots: Please McDaniels Leave



The Patriots had a bye week (somehow) and were just waiting around except Josh McDaniels who decided to take some interviews for Head Coaching jobs. Many in Patriots Nation hopes this is finally the year he leaves as it means they can get Ryan Gosling to be his replacement.



Buffalo Bills: We aren’t the Jets or Dolphins


The Bills are riding the high of week 17 with a slew of firings of coaches that should have been fired years ago. OL Coach Juan Castillo and Special Teams coach Dan Crossman. Hopefully the Bills let offensive coordinator Brian Daboll have a bigger say in the coaching staff on offense as right now he looks to be the only person who knows what he is doing on that side of the ball. Also, leaving the Special Teams position vacant would be an improvement over Dan Crossman.



Miami Dolphins: Going to Mess It Up


The Dolphins fired Head Coach Adam Gase because he was mean to owner Steve Ross and a couple of players thought he was mean. They also made the smart move of moving Mike Tannenbaum to some unknown position away from football which is worth two wins by itself. Now begins the search for a Head Coach and things are quite rocky. For one, they don’t know who their QB next year is as many in the fanbase who have no idea what good QB play is want Ryan Tannehill gone and replaced with the likes of Joe Flacco or even Tim Tebow (Josh Allen is a suitable alternate).  The Dolphins search has been the likes of Dennis Allen (lol), Brian Flores (another future Belichick disciple flop), Eric Bieniemy (high character) and the only good choice has been Darren Rizzi, the new Tony Sparano.  No respectable coach will want to go to Miami as long as Steve Ross doesn’t hire a respectable head of football operations and means they will get a retread until Jim Harbaugh is tired of Michigan.



New York J-E-T-S: LOL


The New York Jets made the wise decision of firing Todd Bowles however left the GM in charge who was to blame for many of the problems on the roster. Their coaching search has become quite funny as they keep on reaching out to college coaches only to get rejected.  They also interview Jim Caldwell because they need another Todd Bowles coach and really like Mike McCarthy since he is the “QB whisperer”. The favorite right now looks to be Adam Gase which is exactly what Sam Darnold needs. The Jets like the Dolphins have no clue what to do when it comes to football operations and will continue to lose every year to Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills.

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