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Are the Bills on the Right Track?

Are the Bills on the Right Track?
S/R Staff
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As we all know, the Buffalo Bills have not won a championship since the good ole days of the AFL. They are the only team to play in four consecutive super bowls, unfortunately never winning one. They currently have the longest active playoff drought, going on their 13th season. Today we will look at why there may be real hope for the Buffalo Bills in the next 5 years.

• Having a new head coach with no previous experience may be a scary thought to some, the numbers tell a different story. 72% of coaches won the super bowl with their first team, as is the case with Doug Marrone.

• Doug Marrone (49) may be in his prime, as a coach. 85% of coaches that won a super bowl were 55 and under.

• The Bills are primed to make a run in the near future with lots of young talent. Goodwin, Woods, Graham and others should all be able to contribute for years to come. But the biggest question mark is young quarterback EJ Manuel. Only 48% of quarterbacks that won the super bowl were under 28 years old. Not insurmountable odds by any means, but at the biggest position on the field a lot rests on his shoulders.

In conclusion, with a young team full of talent and a first time head coach the odds are with the Buffalo Bills to make a long awaited run into the playoffs and beyond in the near future.



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