Are the Miami Dolphins Dead in the Water?

Are the Miami Dolphins Dead in the Water?
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Miami Dolphins: Dead in the Water

I had previously stated what would be considered a failed season for the Miami Dolphins. My thinking was that missing the playoffs should be considered failure, the Mendoza line if you will. Miami had 7 wins last season and spent a fortune in free agency. Many were skeptical before the season that the moves were the wrong moves. it seemed the doubters had been proven wrong. well doubters good things do come to those who wait.

Miami after 3 weeks looked like an AFC East contender and almost a shoo-in for the playoffs. Certainly the beating Miami took at the hands of the Saints was forgivable, so not much looked different. Week 5 came and Miami made enough mental errors to lose a winnable home game and suddenly the weaknesses of this team had become exposed. Still Miami had a bye then a home game against a gritty 2-4 Bills team. Certainly this as in any game was no freebee but it had Miami as a better than a touchdown favorite. Miami lost the game and with it most likely the season.

Now some may say don’t count this team out but the mistakes and turnovers that plagued this team a year ago are still prevalent. Clearly Tannehill has regressed from his 1st three games. He is turning the ball over far too much. The offensive line remains decimated. The running game seems to easily abandoned. Even the defense has been erratic. Sturgis has missed 2 50+ yard FGs not exactly easy but still they were vital. Additionally the play calling has been suspect. Basically a team poised to have a great season is now seemingly doomed to be the cellar dweller in the east. I would give this team very little chance of turning this season around and in 2 weeks they will most likely be sitting at 3-5. Well for September fans had something to cheer about. Now just being at .500 by seasons end is the best we fans can hope for . At least down here in Miami we can enjoy the Canes until Nov 2 in Doak Cambell stadium where they will likely be dismantled by the Seminoles. Has basketball season started yet ?


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