Are You Ready for Some Football!?

New Orleans Saints defensive back Dave Whitsell returns the first of his two interceptions against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 29, 1967.
Are You Ready for Some Football!?
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Today’s Games:


Cleveland Browns (6-7-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-8), 1PM, CBS

“Browns win”

“Browns win a close one. Ravens beat the bolts. Steelers lose a close one.”

“Browns by 50.”


Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1) at New Orleans Saints, 4:25PM, CBS

“The league and the refs have already decided that the Steelers will win this game.”

“Steelers 669, Saints 5″

“Speaking of the refs (stares blankly at eastern) the ref crew assigned to Saints/Steelers has called a disproportionate amount of penalties on road teams compared to home teams. The fix is already in.”

“Saints shock the world. Defeat the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers, who everyone claimed were unvincable after their resounding victory over the Patriots last week.”

“Alvin and the Chipmunks might set records for offensive production on Sunday.”

“71-69 Saints. Basically it was a tie at 69 until Brees stuck two fingers up Hadens ass and turned it into a 71.”

“The Steelers Oline has gotten wind of Cam Jordan’s comments about Ben not being a HOF’er and they’re not happy about it. Steelers by 125”

“Stillers will lose 2 in a row and be stuck at the Golden Corral in January”


Yesterday’s game:

Baltimore Ravens (9-6) 22, LA Chargers (11-4) 10


What games are on in my mom’s basement? Here are your local coverage maps.


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