Are You Ready for Some Football!?

AFC North, 2000 - Week 8 2018
Are You Ready for Some Football!?
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AFC North, 2000 – Week 8 2018

As the year and 2018 NFL regular season approach their final hours, the AFC North, too, nears an end.


Today’s Games:


Cleveland Browns (7-7-1) at Baltimore Ravens (9-6), 4:25PM, CBS

“Browns win”

“One more day till the Ravens season ends.”

Ravens victory is imminent. Kings of the North. Prepare to kiss the ring….the cock ring

“I think Ravens win, bring Baker back down to Earth and make him look like a rookie.”

“But seriously, BAL is getting trounced on Sunday.”

“Why, just the other day there was a light dusting of snow in the Whole Foods parking lot. Sure, I fish-tailed a few times, but luckily managed to dodge all of the Mercedes, Audis, Volvos and Range Rovers in the parking lot.”

“The Browns are the most balanced team in all of sport. Elite offense. Elite defense. No weaknesses to attack. Easily the greatest of all time.”


Cincinnati Bengals (6-9) at Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6-1), 4:25PM, CBS

“The Bengals won’t win but if they do by some chance, Tomlin should be fired immediately. I’m talking before the clock strikes 0:00.”

“Tyler Eifert will be a tough one to cover”

“In a trolling gift from the Gods on this blog, cleveland will beat Baltimore. Then the steelers will blow a 20 point lead in the second half with an epic blunder of some kind. “


You’re saying there’s a chance? Keep week 17 playoff scenarios straight here.


What games are on in my mom’s basement? Here are your local coverage maps.


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