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Around the NFL-TheDay After

Around the NFL-TheDay After
Luciano 11
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Around the NFL

Week 14 gave us some surprises and some answers

Steelers@ Cincinnati 42-21

The Bengals are starting their playoffs early, and the Steelers get one step closer to the playoffs. Cindy usually plays good this time of year, its January they suck. Steelers very impressive, and at 8-5 they are on the way.

Rams@ Redskins  24-0

It doesn’t matter who the Redskins put under center, the team is just not that good. The Rams have been playing extremely well, especially defensively, too bad it took them half the season to get going.

Jets@Vikings 24-30

Jets have absolutely nothing to play for, since they threw the season away long ago. Yet, this team came to the Land of the  Norse in cold temperature and played hard. Yesterday we saw why the Jets are 2-11, all that is bad with them was showcased. Geno’ s first play, a pick 6. The turnovers have killed this team for six seasons (at least). The offense moved the ball,as they have all year, but once inside the 20, we suck, and FGs are kicked, leaving 4 points on the board on a regular basis. The defense played hard, and was victimized in OT. Their best player was again not in uniform,but Richardson stepped up and more than made up for it.

Giants@Titans  36-7

Another game with two teams playing for draft positioning. Giants needed this game more, speculations around NY are that HC will finally be replaced at the end of the season. Tennessee may very well be the worst team in football.

Panthers@Saints 41-10

A huge surprise for me. The Saints used to be unbeatable at home, now they can’t win there. Blown out by a divisional rival, it just shows you how far this franchise has fallen. The Saints are just better than the bottom teams, yet Sean Payton still acts like an arrogant successful HC on the sidelines. Maybe its time to evaluate this entire team in the off-season, including the HC, who has one SB to show for one of the best teams of the last decade. The Panthers suddenly looked like the team I expected to see at the beginning of the year.

Ravens@Dolphins 28-13

Most Dolphins fans online dismissed this game as a win, as they were looking forward to play for first place in Foxboro next week. Huge mistake, once again the DL proved to be porous and unable to stop the run. Unlike last week, the Ravens have a QB, and the result was obvious form the start. You can’t beat good teams with 4-5 yard passes and no run game, A team that has WC dreams MUST be able to win at home in December, the Dolphins couldn’t. Apparently they now do need help from other teams. Right now there is as good a chance they finish at 8-8 as they do 9-7, and neither spells P.L.A.Y.O.F.F.S.

Colts@Browns 25-24

The Browns have had a great season, and yesterday they outplayed the Colts for over three quarters, however good teams finish games, they did not.The Colts are getting better and better,and games like this one will help once the playoffs start. I fully expect this team to battle for the right to play in the most important game of the year.

Bucs@Lions  17-34

This game was never close, the Buccaneers have the same issue that my favorite team has, no QB. I still think they will make life hard for some other teams in the last three, but not yesterday. The Lions are setting themselves up for a playoff run, and the return to form of Calvin Johnson will be a huge help.

Texans@Jaguars 27-13

Its December and Florida teams went 0-3 yesterday, not a good sign. The Jaguars simply do not have the personnel to match up with physical teams. The Texans won a big game for their playoff hopes, but unfortunately, too little tot late. Too many teams ahead of them in the standings.

Bills@Broncos  17-24

The Broncos are not the same team they were a year ago, they have not been the same since they lost in ST. Louis. Bad news, this is when they should be playing their best football. Lots of credit to the Bills, who came close to pulling the upset on the road. The Bills have had a great season, but I think they have run out of lives. The loss puts them back in a position of hope; hope that other teams help them.

Chiefs@Cardinals 14-17

With so many injuries and a two game losing streak, this was a game the Cardinals could have easily lost. They did not, and remain very much in the hunt for the Playoffs. It would be a monumental blunder if they do not get in after starting 9-1. The Chiefs are good team, their playoffs hopes are still very much alive.

Seahawks@Eagles 24-14

Bad news for the rest of the NFC SB hopefuls, the Seahawks have quietly come back to form, and are looking very much like the team that was virtually unbeatable a year ago. A road win, against a very good team is huge in December. Eagles will regroup and win the division, as will the Seahawks. I will not be surprised if the rematch is in the NFCCG.

49ers@Raiders  13-24

The Raiders do not want the first pick in the draft, too much pressure. This game was more about how far the 49ers have fallen, than the Raiders winning. SF is no longer a threat to kill your QB or score with athleticism. Kaepernick continues to show us how he should still be backing up Alex Smith. I wonder if all the talk of Harbaugh and the franchise parting ways has had a negative effect in the locker room?

Patriots@Chargers 23-14

My LOCK of the week almost didn’t happen. SD is not an easy place to walk in and win, but the Patriots have the team to do it. Chargers just lost their first of what will result in no playoffs, again. The Patriots are playing good football and rebounded nicely from a road loss on the edge of Lake Michigan. They are now set to run the table,a s they face the putrid AFCE.


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