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Older AFCE
Luciano 11

Back to football…
Luciano 11
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Second quarter of the Season

After the first 4 weeks we should be discovering who are the contenders, or is; and also who will be fighting for great draft positioning.

Week 1
 Pittsburgh @ New England (TNF)
 Cleveland @ NY Jets
 Indianapolis @ Buffalo
 Miami @ Washington
Week 2
 New England @ Buffalo
 Miami @ Jacksonville
 NY Jets @ Indianapolis (MNF)
Week 3
 Philadelphia @ NY Jets
 Jacksonville @ New England
 Buffalo @ Miami
Week 4
 NY Jets @ Miami (London)
 NY Giants @ Buffalo
 New England (Bye week)


Week 5

Buffalo @ Tennessee
New England @ Dallas
NY Jets & Miami (Bye week)
jets and Mimai recuperate from the British Bowl, while The Pats have a very tough road game in Dallas. Bills and Rex will be testing Mariota.

Week 6
Washington @ NY Jets
Cincinnati @ Buffalo
Miami @ Tennessee
New England @ Indianapolis (SNF)
Tough games for both the Bills and Patriots. The Sunday Night Game should mark the return of Tom Brady to the lineup. I would venture to say that the ratings in that game will be SB like.

Week 7
NY Jets @ New England
Buffalo @ Jacksonville
Houston @ Miami
Divisional game on week 7 is strange. Bills face the new Jags and Miami has a tough home game trying to keep Tannehill erect.

Week 8
Miami at New England (TNF)
NY Jets at Oakland
Buffalo (Bye week)
Last season the Dolphins destroyed the Pats in Miami, but that was in the heat of week one. Jets go out west and test the up and coming Raiders as Rex gives his team the week off.

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