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Back to football…

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Luciano 11

Back to football…
Luciano 11
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Third quarter of the Season

Half a season is in the books, Tom Brady has been back for 3 games, all of our teams have had a bye week; the landscape of the division is now going from taking shape to “who’s really a contender?”.

Here are the first 8 weeks revisited:

Week 1
Pittsburgh @ New England (TNF)
Cleveland @ NY Jets
Indianapolis @ Buffalo
Miami @ Washington
Week 2
New England @ Buffalo
Miami @ Jacksonville
NY Jets @ Indianapolis (MNF)
Week 3
Philadelphia @ NY Jets
Jacksonville @ New England
Buffalo @ Miami
Week 4
NY Jets @ Miami (London)
NY Giants @ Buffalo
New England (Bye week)
Week 5
Buffalo @ Tennessee
New England @ Dallas
NY Jets & Miami (Bye week)
Week 6
Washington @ NY Jets
Cincinnati @ Buffalo
Miami @ Tennessee
New England @ Indianapolis (SNF)
Week 7
NY Jets @ New England
Buffalo @ Jacksonville
Houston @ Miami
Week 8
Miami at New England (TNF)
NY Jets at Oakland
Buffalo (Bye week)


Week 9
Jacksonville @ NY Jets
Washington @ New England
Miami @ Buffalo

Easier games for the Pats and Jets, the big game is “The Clash of The Titans”. This game may dictate which of the two actually challenges for the division or a playoff spot.

Week 10
Buffalo @ NY Jets (TNF)
Miami @ Philadelphia
New England @ NY Giants

This week only one of our teams wins, and its because two play each other. A Bills loss here could go a long ways into no playoffs.

Week 11
NY Jets @ Houston
Dallas @ Miami
Buffalo @ New England (MNF)

Jets in for a homecoming of sorts for QB and GM, while the Fins get a visit from the Cowboys. Two very tough games for both teams to win. The real battle is on MNF, the Godzilla vs. King Kong Showdown! This is when measuring sticks come out!

Week 12
Miami @ NY Jets
Buffalo @ Kansas City
New England @ Denver (SNF)

Week 17 comes in early this year for the Dolphins. Bills will blow up in KC and the Pats get killed in Denver, what a week!

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