Back to football…

Luciano 11

Back to football…
Luciano 11
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Final Stretch

With 5 weeks to go, the battle for supremacy is in full swing. Our division is fully expected to have the Bills and Dolphins battling to unseat the Patriots, with the Jets sitting back trying to spoil it for all. Some key games during this stretch.

Here are the first 12 weeks revisited:

Week 1
Pittsburgh @ New England (TNF)
Cleveland @ NY Jets
Indianapolis @ Buffalo
Miami @ Washington
Week 2
New England @ Buffalo
Miami @ Jacksonville
NY Jets @ Indianapolis (MNF)
Week 3
Philadelphia @ NY Jets
Jacksonville @ New England
Buffalo @ Miami
Week 4
NY Jets @ Miami (London)
NY Giants @ Buffalo
New England (Bye week)
Week 5
Buffalo @ Tennessee
New England @ Dallas
NY Jets & Miami (Bye week)
Week 6
Washington @ NY Jets
Cincinnati @ Buffalo
Miami @ Tennessee
New England @ Indianapolis (SNF)
Week 7
NY Jets @ New England
Buffalo @ Jacksonville
Houston @ Miami
Week 8
Miami at New England (TNF)
NY Jets at Oakland
Buffalo (Bye week)
Week 9
Jacksonville @ NY Jets
Washington @ New England
Miami @ Buffalo
Week 10
Buffalo @ NY Jets (TNF)
Miami @ Philadelphia
New England @ NY Giants
Week 11
NY Jets @ Houston
Dallas @ Miami
Buffalo @ New England (MNF)
Week 12
Miami @ NY Jets
Buffalo @ Kansas City
New England @ Denver (SNF)

Week 13
NY Jets @ NY Giants
Houston @ Buffalo
Baltimore @ Miami
Philadelphia @ New England

All four teams face a tough game. Jets go across locker room to face a Giants team that should be very much in the hunt for an NFC Wild Card. By this time of the season, barring any more injuries, the Texans could be one of the better teams in the league. Baltimore will be in their own fight for the division, as will, Chip Kelly’s Eagles; tough week for all!

Week 14
Tennessee @ NY Jets
Buffalo @ Philadelphia
New England @ Houston
NY Giants @ Miami (MNF)

Jets have the easiest game this week, should beat the Mariotas. Bills will “have” to win in Philly. Patriots will lose this game in Houston, Giants will fall in Miami.

Week 15
NY Jets @ Dallas (Sat. NF)
Tennessee @ New England
Buffalo @ Washington
Miami @ San Diego

Jets and Dolphins had wins last week, not this week. Both face tough rod games. Both Bills and Patriots return to victory.

Week 16
New England @ NY Jets
Indianapolis @ Miami
Dallas @ Buffalo

Jets will win! If both Miami and Bills win this week (I doubt it), they could be tied for first place, because the Patriots will fall flat on their faces at Met Life. However, Bills and Dolphins will be hosting teams in dog fights for their division.

Week 17
NY Jets @ Buffalo
New England @ Miami

I am not a big fan of the division playing one another in week 17. These games can be really big, or totally meaningless. Jets have made it a ritual of stripping the Dolphins (away) the opportunity at a winning record and the playoffs, can they do that to the Bills. At this point, the Bills should be either 8-7 or 9-6, this game will be huge. I can see a score of 6-3 in this one.

If Miami wants their first winning record and playoff appearance in a while, they have to win this game. Most would say they blew away the Patriots in game one last year, but this is not game one, and the heat index will not be ridiculous.


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