Back to football…

Luciano 11

Back to football…
Luciano 11
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First four weeks of the Season

Eventually all this hate and attacking will slow down and go away. Regardless of the outcome, this division is poised to have all four teams at .500 or better for the first time in na long long time. The sudden balance makes the early part of the season, that much more important. None of the teams would want to have a slow start and fall back early.

Lately, if you want to beat the Pats you must do it early in the season. Can the Bills and Dolphins take advantage of that? As for the Jets, well, they are primed to play a year of learning a new system and developing some young talent.

Week 1

Pittsburgh @ New England (TNF)
Cleveland @ NY Jets
Indianapolis @ Buffalo
Miami @ Washington

Clearly tough games for both the Patriots and Bills, but both are at home.

Week 2

New England @ Buffalo
Miami @ Jacksonville
NY Jets @ Indianapolis (MNF)

Week 2 gives us the first direct confrontation, while Miami continues to play beatable teams. Jets test their new defense on the road against the Colts.


Philadelphia @ NY Jets
Jacksonville @ New England
Buffalo @ Miami

This week we learn which, the Dolphins or Bills are true contenders. Patriots host the laughable Jags while the Jets play another tough game at home.


NY Jets @ Miami (London)
NY Giants @ Buffalo
New England (Bye week)

Jets and Dolphins play in London at 9am! While the Bills face a tough contest against Manning and company. Patriots will have a very early bye week.


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