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Baltimore Ravens Playoff Race – Week 11 Teams to Root For

Baltimore Ravens Playoff Race – Week 11 Teams to Root For
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Now that the 2014 season has passed its halfway mark, every team that has a chance to make it to the playoffs will do their best to make it happen. Some are already mathematically eliminated or just need a Jesus walking on water type of miracle to even sniff the playoffs. Regardless, each game matters and from here on out some teams need to stay the course and keep on winning others need competitors to lose. The questions are, what team? When? and against who?

Well, we got you covered. Every week until the end of the season we will be posting what teams you should root for to help your team make a playoff appearance so here they are:

Baltimore Ravens

Chance of making the playoffs

  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Ravens
  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Ravens
Week 11 Impact on the Ravens playoff chances
Titans vs. Steelers If Titans win +2.20% If Steelers win -2.23%
Saints vs. Bengals If Saints win +2.11% If Bengals win -2.04%
Texans @ Browns If Texans win +1.37% If Browns win -1.41%
Seahawks @ Chiefs If Seahawks win +1.28% If Chiefs win -1.29%
Raiders @ Chargers If Raiders win +1.22% If Chargers win -1.32%
Rams vs. Broncos If Rams win +0.64% If Broncos win -0.69%
49ers @ Giants If 49ers win +0.42% If Giants win -0.46%
Dolphins vs. Bills If Dolphins win +0.40% If Bills win -0.41%
Panthers vs. Falcons If Panthers win +0.18% If Falcons win -0.21%
Eagles @ Packers If Eagles win +0.17% If Packers win -0.20%
Buccaneers @ Redskins If Buccaneers win +0.12% If Redskins win -0.18%
Week 12 Impact on the Ravens playoff chances
Ravens @ Saints If Ravens win +12.44% If Saints win -12.60%
Falcons vs. Browns If Falcons win +1.90% If Browns win -1.89%
Texans vs. Bengals If Texans win +1.89% If Bengals win -1.84%
Raiders vs. Chiefs If Raiders win +1.60% If Chiefs win -1.65%
Rams @ Chargers If Rams win +1.15% If Chargers win -1.12%
Jets @ Bills If Jets win +0.97% If Bills win -0.97%
Lions @ Patriots If Lions win +0.35% If Patriots win -0.32%
Broncos vs. Dolphins If Broncos win +0.33% If Dolphins win -0.35%
Jaguars @ Colts If Jaguars win +0.16% If Colts win -0.19%



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