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This is How I See It.


These are all thoughts that I have already seen spouted by Miami fans in wake of the 0-2 start. It’s almost as if Miami didn’t lose by a combined 9 points to a team that supposedly has a HOF quality qb and elite defense and what is arguably the most talented Pats team we have ever seen on the road. Last night in Houston confirmed that the Pats are dangerous, no matter who is starting at QB. That defense seems to be playing at levels not seen since the first two titles under BB. It’s not as if the Fins started off at home playing the Browns and the Bears.

Let’s start with Tannehill. There is a lot of blame being thrown in his direction for the start of the season. People are looking for a scapegoat. He is the qb of the team, so he gets to be it. Let’s look at the start of the game for Ryan Tannehill.

Down 7-0.

Completion called back by a penalty.

A throw away.

Jordan Cameron drops a very catchable ball that would have been a first down.

Down 14-0                              

Scrambles for 9.5 yards.

Calls for a quick snap on a 3rd and inches with the Dline not set, and the Pats Dline completely blows it up.

Down 21-0

Completion on swing pass to Drake.

Bad Pass to Cameron.

Nice pass to Landry for a large gain.

Beautiful Pass to Stills that is dropped.

Jay Ajayi short gain pass.

Bad snap on 3rd down.

Throw away.

Completion to Landry that is fumbled.

Down 24-0

                  The truth is that Tannehill has played well this season.  Not elite or HOF, but he has played well.  This loss was completely predicated on Gase being out coached by BB. Our defense was giving a 10-yard cushion every play, and allowing a backup qb to eviscerate us. We moved to hurry up on the last drive in the 2nd and through the second half and our offense looked completely different. You can’t give up 24 points on the defense on 5 drives. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, as a defense you need to step up.

The 2nd half provides hope that Gase’s offense can work. It also showed that they are capable of making half time adjustment. These are both positive things. Gase cannot continue to be out coached at the start of games though. You can’t give up a 21-point league and expect to catch up every week, not if you want to win.


The Browns.

                  Miami gets its first break of the season this week in its home opener versus the Browns. The Browns are a starting a qb that I don’t even know if he has a Wiki page. They underutilize their best back in Duke Johnson and have an anemic defense. This is a must win for Miami, a must win and a must play well. A 14-13 victory will not appease the fan base at this time, nor should it. I am expecting a show from the offense, similar to the 2nd half of the Patriots, but we need to see it from the very start. This is the defense that made Mike Wallace look pro bowl caliber and Wentz look like he was mana from heaven.

The biggest fear is their running game. They have a very good back and Duke and a grinder as well. They will probably try to run the ball 40 times and eat up clock if the game is close. Miami needs to jump out to lead and now allow this to happen, allow their pass rushers to take over the game on defense.


The line is 10, I am taking Miami with the points.

Score – 31-17


The Things I See

  • I hate the Pats. I am almost starting to hate them as much as the Jets. This may be the most talented bunch ever put out there on both sides of the ball. That offense with Moss was better. Those defenses that won titles for Brady may have been better. This is the most solid all around team I can remember.
  • Miami may be the best 0-2 team in the NFL. The other contender is the Saints. Here’s your special awards New Orleans and Miami!
  • The Jets look to have legitimacy too. That team is still very dependent on a Fitz who has been to known to be streaky.
  • If you are looking for a high ceiling low floor player for PPR fantasy, Jamison Crowder is still available in many FF leagues.

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