The Buffalo Bills in 2014

The Buffalo Bills in 2014
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 Steelers 23 – Bills 10

Mike Rodak: The Steelers’ struggling defense could give the Bills’ offense its best shot at a big game. The situation could hardly be better for the return of EJ Manuel.    Bills 27, Steelers 21


Ben Roethlisberger

Maybe the situation could hardly be better but the results could hardly be worse. Fortunately it was an away game and the Buffalo faithful didn’t have to see their team’s performance in person.  As usual the offense couldn’t put together enough plays to win and the defense wasn’t coming to the rescue against the more determined and better prepared Steeler squad. The Bill’s scoring consisted of a field goal after an interception of Big Ben gave them a 1st down at the Steelers 20 yard line and a 15 play 80 yard drive for a touchdown when the Steelers were content to let the clock run and secure the win. Without that final drive the Bill’s managed 150 yards of offense and EJ Manuel was 10 of 22 for 79 yards through 3 quarters.


Antonio Brown

The details don’t matter so much because at 3-7 in mid-November its already time for the Bill’s to turn their attention to next year, evaluating what they have and what they need from the 2014 draft and free agency period. The Bill’s entered the season with a new GM, Head Coach, OC, & DC, but despite the disappointing season,  I wouldn’t expect wholesale changes in the leadership. If there’s one thing the Bill’s need its stability.   The team changes schemes almost  every year, the Head Coach every three seasons, and has been searching for a quarterback that can take them to the playoffs since the Doug Flutie days.


Despite their shortcomings the Bill’s are a young team with lots of talented players and when the offensive coaching figures out what works in Syracuse doesn’t make it in the NFL this team might deliver on its offseason expectations. The fans deserve more than having to start listening to Mel Kiper and mock drafts so early.



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