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Buffalo Bills – Teams To Root For Week 13

Buffalo Bills – Teams To Root For Week 13
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Buffalo Bills

Chance of making the playoffs



  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Bills


  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Bills
Week 13 Impact on the Bills playoff chances
Bills vs. Browns If Bills win +10.54% If Browns win -10.48%
Packers vs. Patriots If Packers win +1.25% If Patriots win -1.22%
Saints @ Steelers If Saints win +1.13% If Steelers win -1.19%
Jets vs. Dolphins If Jets win +1.05% If Dolphins win -1.09%
Buccaneers vs. Bengals If Buccaneers win +0.84% If Bengals win -0.76%
Bears @ Lions If Bears win +0.13% If Lions win -0.14%
Cardinals @ Falcons If Cardinals win +0.13% If Falcons win -0.10%
Panthers @ Vikings If Panthers win +0.12% If Vikings win -0.05%
Chargers @ Ravens If Chargers win +0.11% If Ravens win -0.12%


Ah, the Buffalo Bills, that little Canadian New York team that can either make the playoffs or be a spoiler for someone. But in the AFC East all they can pretty much do is ruin the Patriots season by knocking them off first seed. The year started with the loss of the Bills owner then the benching of their 2nd year QB in EJ Manuel, but the team itself is solid. A rookie star in Sammy Watkins, a stifling defensive line and a fan base willing to do just about anything to keep the team in Buffalo, NY (Well except clear the snow for the postponed Jets – Bills game). Even though this season is just about over for them, they are certainly a team to contend with in the coming years. But hey, don’t count them out this year quite yet however, as being 11th in line is not out of the question to sneak into the playoffs with help, be it a lot of help.


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