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Buffalo Bills Teams to Root for Week 15

Buffalo Bills Teams to Root for Week 15
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Buffalo Bills

Chance of making the playoffs

  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Bills
  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Bills
Week 14
No Remaining Upcoming Week 14 Games Which Matter to the Bills Playoff Berth Chances
Week 15 Impact on the Bills playoff chances
Bills vs. Packers If Bills win +8.23% If Packers win -8.35%
Broncos @ Chargers If Broncos win +1.49% If Chargers win -1.56%
Jaguars @ Ravens If Jaguars win +1.21% If Ravens win -1.25%
Browns vs. Bengals If Browns win +1.17% If Bengals win -1.13%
Falcons vs. Steelers If Falcons win +1.04% If Steelers win -1.06%
Raiders @ Chiefs If Raiders win +0.99% If Chiefs win -1.00%
Colts vs. Texans If Colts win +0.77% If Texans win -0.76%
Dolphins @ Patriots If Dolphins win +0.37% If Patriots win -0.40%
Vikings @ Lions If Vikings win +0.12% If Lions win -0.16%
Buccaneers @ Panthers If Buccaneers win +0.11% If Panthers win -0.12%



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