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Call of the Loon

Call of the Loon
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Call of the Loon





As you all know the last week of the month is donation week on afcenews.com where we show our support for this site with more than a “great job guys” or whatever other nice things we say about it and chip in a few bucks.  You may not have known the last week of the month is donation week because I just invented the idea. Here’s how it came to be.

Recently I asked the site administrators if the blogs could be programmed to play a short audio of a loon call when I posted on the blogs. I was told “maybe” for like 10,000 bucks, which sounded good to me since if it’s a matter of money and maybe it will happen. I need your help because I don’t have $10,000 but together maybe we do. Please click on the make a donation through paypal link and make a large donation for this worthy cause.

Seriously though the site costs time and money and I’m sure the admin staff appreciated the donations we made to get the site started.  I’m also sure that money is long gone by now and there is no reason this had to be a onetime thing for some of us.

I always wonder what an “appropriate donation” is at times like this and I don’t have an answer for you.  I imagine when Surge is looking at a bill for $200 to keep the site open for another month it must seem in-appropriate that he pay it all himself so I’m sure any donation is a blessing when he needs to write the check.

Maybe this could be discussed on the blogs but I’m thinking something like $10 a month or every other month should get the place in the black quick. If cash builds up there are lots or projects waiting where the money can be used on. If $10 seems too high that’s okay too, just skip it. It’s a free site, always has been, always will be, and there is no extra fee to call yourself an insider. If a higher amount less often works better for you its all good. If you can help out a little without changing your lifestyle that’s all anybody is asking for.

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