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Caption This, AFC North

Caption This, AFC North
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Last week you were asked to write a caption for the following image:

This week, submit a caption for this article’s featured image as we continue down the same coach/QB theme with arguably two of the top five troll attractors in the AFC North, as confirmed by thousands of comments by the Sideline Report community. Remember to keep it clean if you want your submissions published next week.
Last week’s winners based on a combo of likes and the author’s discretion are (at least for the submissions we are able to publish. Surprisingly, many of the top vote getters we could not… including those with offensive language and perhaps those with comments insensitive to crime victims. Sorry we live in a PC, easily offended world, people.):
#10 DawgIsDead
“That pic must be photoshopped… its ben and haley talking”
#9 Reglidan
“It is left to offensive coordinator Todd Haley to inform quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that the team’s stores of Crisco are running out.”
#8 DavidDeCastrosGut
Haley: Most progressives are byproducts of “white privilege”. Most have never been oppressed or even faced real suffering. To me they seem like a bunch of people that love feeling morally superior and fighting causes they have never endured.
Ben: I have that but most of it was gained through being exposed to it. I really try not to judge anyone and I’ve consistently defend people living in poverty and that’s because I witnessed how people live.
(I warned you! And based on the number of likes I received when commenting, it would have been #3)
#7 ClevelandPOWND
“If you check this box, you never have to wear these horrid unis ever again.”
#6 gatorstud68
“look, right there Ben, you colored outside the lines AGAIN…”
#5 Cincy_Brownsfan
Haley: we need to run 32 cross option wide left
Ben: *erases 32 cross option wide left from wrist*
Ben is wondering why it doesn’t take 18 months for twins to be born. Haley takes a deep breath and tries to explain.
#3 Brick914
Ben: “And then she says to me , ‘No’!”
*Ben and Haley both start laughing*
Honorable Mention: Thomas_Gothenburg (and received the most likes)
Haley: Can you just do what Flacco does? They’re about to #*&$% sweep us.

Ben: I don’t know, man. That guy’s elite.
And the Winner is:
Ravenous128 (#2 in “like” votes)
“Ben, this is where Pittsburgh is.”
For his effort, Rav could win a high percentage of ad money this article will generate, or $.02, which ever his higher, as a token of thanks for putting in his two cents.
Good luck to everyone this week.

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