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Early Season Prediction-Bills

Early Season Prediction-Bills
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Football season is here folks! Camps are open and “real” news is about to hit us hard…..something that will linger all the way until either our team is done for sure after week 17, or, if we are lucky further.
After we uncovered the Dolphins and Jets, its the Bills turn to be see through my crystal ball.
The Buffalo Bills finally saw daylight last season, as the long drought ended. Much of the credit has to go to the new HC, Sean McDermott. His methods are reminiscent of the old days of football when the HC was more like a sergeant than a teacher. The mentality change was quite a shock to a system that had seen lax Rex give freedom galore. Big mouth players that didn’t like to play for Rex were too concerned for their job to even consider talking badly about the new leader.
The owner even went as far as firing GM Doug Whaley in favor of one hand picked by the HC, Brandon Beane. This recipe is usually one that leads to disaster, as the HC is never held accountable by who should be his boss. It remains to be seen how it all pans out.
My prediction
Beane/McDermott made a lot of moves, sent many Whaley players packing and replacing them with their own guys. My guess is that Shady’s days in Buffalo are also numbered, as its hard to believe that a hard liner  like McDermott will put up with the off the field antics….how soon we hear that the white HC is a racist?
My prediction is simple, this team will regress in a huge way this year, and the playoffs will once again begin to look like it was a mirage.

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