Early Season Prediction-Patriots

Early Season Prediction-Patriots
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Football season is here folks! Camps are open and “real” news is about to hit us hard…..something that will linger all the way until either our team is done for sure after week 17, or, if we are lucky further.
After we uncovered the Dolphins, Jets and Bills, its now the Patriots’ turn to be see through my crystal ball.
The SB Champs runner up are still the favorite to win the division, I mean is that a real prediction?
Bill has possibly cemented his career in Foxboro as one of the best HCs ever, however, this has been one the most turmoil filled off-season during the his regime. His moves during the Super Bowl were questioned, not only by reporters and fans, but also by the locker room, and for a change it was done publicly. It is hard to question a wrong move when you have made thousands of great ones, see 6th round pick Tom Brady being given the reign even after Bledsoe was healthy……..but what is going on in that locker room?
I think Tom has shown signs of starting to lose his patience and playing the role of just another player on the team. BB is very good at keeping big name stars out of the media and diverting attention. A trait he undoubtedly learned from his mentor Bill Parcells. But Tom wants more than just SB appearances, imagine how bored he must be to have to play in that game almost yearly?
My prediction
This is the year the Titanic begins to sink!!!
I think we are looking at players and HC dressing for one last season. Gronk will be lucky to survive the entire year, a trade before trade deadline will not shock me at all. At the end of another good year without yet another SB, Belichick will announce he will stop into the GM role and allow McDaniels to HC the team. Tom will be tired of getting hit hard all year, as his protection may be the worst he has ever had, and want to be free of the dictatorship and not be part of a downfall that will make the actual Titanic look like a feather on water. The heavy ball that BB has kept this team chained to will drown it very fast. Patriots win the division but not with as many wins as we are accustomed to, and they will not reach the SB.

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