Fantasy Playoffs and Dynasty Season in Details

Fantasy Playoffs and Dynasty Season in Details
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The Sideline Report D League




The Sideline Report Dynasty Season 3

Championship Semifinals

Evil Corp     vs.     DireWolves

Tyrod’s Taylor     vs.     Who Wants a Mustache Ride


Playoffs for Rookie Draft

Bison with a Dyson     vs.     Beklichick Yo’self

Dud’s Studs     vs.     FSociety


Below I charted some interesting stats for us to analyze.

We often say: I left too many points on the bench, could have won the game. That is true, but only some of the time. For example, if you played a QB that scored 30, and you had one on the bench that scored 25, did you really leave 25 points on the bench? NO. This chart uses “Potential Points” per week. Potential points are the points you should have played instead of the ones you did play. In many cases, mostly by Evil Corp, and I believe only once by me, the potential score and the final was the same.

I will let you decipher this way, anyway you think, I will also give you some of my findings:

  1. The best player by far, not only did he finish first in points scored and W-Ls, but also used his bench better than any of us, Evil Corp. He scored an average of 151.46 per game, only left 17.98 on the bench.
  2. The worst player, not only he scored a rather low 116.58 per game, but left a league high, 31.22 on the bench, Keenan & Kelce.
  3. This past week Keenan was upset with himself for not playing the correct QB and a few others, missing out on the playoffs. However, this chart shows a different story. Yes, he did leave a lot of points unused, however, had his opponent, Belichick Yo’self also made 100% correct moves, he would have recorded a three year scoring record of 222.88. Not picking on Keenan, just using this as one example, I’m sure there numerous every week.
  4. Overall, I think we are all getting better at managing game day rosters. Dynasty does offer a bigger bench, but many times, the more players you have, the easier it is to make a mistake.



Below I charted scores from week 12 on.

Why week 12? It is the first week that we all could play our entire roster, baring injuries or suspensions, without having to deal with bye weeks. These three games may tell us a truer story on how the teams are scoring right now, as compared to stuff that happened 14 weeks ago.

  1. I was shocked to see that my team is leading in scoring last three weeks.
  2. Who Wants a Mustache Ride has stopped scoring at the wrong time of year
  3. Evil Corp has remained consistent
  4. The other playoff team, Tyrod’s Taylor is scoring slightly higher than yearly average

Congrats to all in the playoffs…….Good luck!

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