First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Wide Receiver Options — for Buffalo Bills

“I would take a long, hard look at Jeremy Maclin, despite the fact that he missed the entire 2013 campaign with a torn ACL. In my opinion, Maclin is the best receiver on this list, so why not start there? ”    “My contract offer obviously would factor in his current physical condition, though it’s worth noting that in today’s NFL, players routinely come back and play well after ACL injuries. And Maclin has youth on his side: The 2009 first-round pick turns 26 in May.”



Is Jonathan Martin possibly coming back?


At this point, one has to wonder what sources are telling national reporters such as Ian Rappaport who divulged earlier that the Dolphins were in talks about possibly keeping Jonathan Martin.  To his credit, Martin was never suspended, but did miss several games with an “illness” at the time.


Mike Lombardi to join Patriots Front Office

As it was rumored earlier in the day, it now appears that Michael Lombardi, the former Cleveland Browns‘ general manager, will be taking a Personnel Executive Position, with the Patriots. Mike Loyko of broke the initial news. 



Can Rex Ryan change for the better

It’s well known that Ryan is loyal to a fault to his guys, and that’s part of what makes him who he is, a player’s coach. However, he’s obviously not flawless and there are certain things he needs to get better at to continue to develop as a head coach. 



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