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First Down Morning Links
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Buffalo Plans to break .400 in 2014

2014 NFL free agency does not begin until 4PM ET on Tuesday, March 11. However, teams can begin contacting agents about players and talking contract numbers this weekend, and since the Buffalo Bills are already bringing in released veterans that can sign new deals immediately, it’s probably time to formalize our thoughts on where, exactly, the Bills need to focus on bolstering their roster in the coming weeks and months.




Dolphins to repeat as
Free Agency Big Spenders

A year ago, the Dolphins made a huge splash in free agency, signing three guys to $125 million worth of contracts on the first day. They might make an equivalent ripple this year, or it might be bigger because of the sheer size of the free agents involved.





Patriots “comfortable” with most of Roster


Wilfork has been a great player in New England for his entire 10-year career, but even great players are often asked to take less money or shown the door, especially once they’ve suffered significant injuries and hit the wrong side of 30. Right now there’s no indication that the talks between Wilfork and the Patriots have grown acrimonious, but there’s no sign that they’re close to an agreement, either.





If the “Cro” flys
Titans CB Verner on Deck


Idzik & Co. inquired about the Titans’ Alterraun Verner. The team’s preference is to retain Cromartie, who is scheduled to count $14.98 million against the 2014 salary cap, at a reduced rate, according to sources. Cromartie is due a $5 million roster bonus later this week, so the team will have to make a decision on his future fairly soon. As of Saturday night, the Jets had not yet approached the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback’s camp to re-work his deal.






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