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First Down Morning LInks

First Down Morning LInks
S/R Staff
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Buffalo Bills

One of the best defenses in the NFL take the week off but they are on pace to be the sack leaders by seasons end as they already surpassed last years sack total (37) of 36.

Bills on pace for franchise sack mark

Miami Dolphins

Quietly Bren Grimes has become the lock down corner Miami has needed for a long time and he will be facing the not so quiet Smith in Carolina, lets see who will need to “Ice up”.

Miami Dolphins’ Brent Grimes focused on coverage despite his solid …

New England Patriots

Even though Wes Welker’s departure from Boston was a bit bitter come this Sunday he gets to return home to Foxborough where he made himself invaluable to Tom Brady and Co.

After Patriots divorce, Wes Welker at home with Broncos

New York Jets

Another player gets to return to his old stomping ground this Sunday with Ed Reed visiting Baltimore. The Jets 25th ranked pass defense will have to step it up to continue their drive towards the playoffs.

Jets’ problem no passing fancy

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