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Are fans expecting too much?

Here we are getting ready to enter the abyss called “The NFL 2015-6 Season”. Early March, after most of us are done licking our wounds created by the boasting of months past, the process begins yet again. This article, by Fourth & One is going to dwell on that subject. One that affects 31 teams, and not just the AFCE.

Usually once down because of lost expectations, the best therapy is to hope again. That process begins with the new NFL year, and gets very heated for a week, during free agency. Once the best players are signed, if our team has not signed the “one,” we find other ways to make our case for the up-coming disappointment.

This year, so far it has not been any different, thank God for those few of us that try to write articles.

Buffalo Bills

Bills started with a bang even before the NFL year. HC MArrone played Russian Roulette and lost. So in comes the once hated Rex. Then, to make matters even more interesting, the Bills make Rex happy and trade for one of the most fun to watch RBs in the league.

Now the fun part: The Bills Defense took this team to their first winning season since the country had a balanced budget. Rex comes in with his laid back demeanor, and the result? Bills are a lock for a wild card birth, no wait!!!!! We are winning the division! Those Patsies are ready to be had.

My reality check: Bills will be extremely boring to watch, and all those failed comebacks will become very old and tiring. Rex is a defensive minded HC and that D is legit, so they may actually deliver, however……… brace yourselves for another 9 win season.

Miami Dolphins

We have become very accustomed to the off season parades down in the heat of South Beach, but this year is among the best. Yet another season of lost promises and lost chances, led us to today. It was the OC, the DC, the HC, the Cry Babies Scandal, etc. etc. This off season? It was all because of the inability to stop the run. So in comes the most expensive signing in NFL Free Agency History. The result? Enthusiasm galore!!!

Now the fun part: Suh is here, all our defensive problems are solved. Ryan T. “the Elite” is ready to make a bunch of inexperienced receivers elite. Running game is ready to take off, 12-4 is doable, 11-5 is more likely, and challenging the Pats is a no brainer.

My reality check: Dolphins have not had a winning season since Tom Brady was injured and a weird thing called the Wild Cat was used. There is a possibility that the Fins have a winning record, but to even think that 10 wins are possible is simply “more dreaming”.

New England Patriots

This is the only one of the 32 teams that actually didn’t have to suffer the humiliating back tracking of a year ago. The Pats did however find themselves in familiar waters with yet another scandal. This time it came with hefty price. The team has lost a lot of pieces form a year ago, but are we going to throw them under a bus? No

Now the fun part: Patriots fans are still dreaming of a 12-4 season, and another AFCCG followed by a SB, because it’s the Patriots.

My reality check: Patriots will still win the division, they were winning it before the likes of Revis and Browner joined them, what has changed? Suh? Revis? Rex? Patriots, however will be lucky to see 12 wins, not happening, 11 is much easier to envision. They are weaker, therefore another one and done playoff birth is possible, but they are still the best team here.

New York Jets

At ESPN Jets fans right now would be parading down 5th avenue daily, here we have only a few, and parades don’t seem to materialize. Jets have just had a horrible season, and most of us have landed on our feet and holding on dearly. Jets removed Rex and the entire from office, including scouts. Only one left is owner Woody, who is leaving the new regime alone, so far.

Now the fun part: Us Jets fans are not expecting the world, not that I have seen yet. 8 wins with a solid team is a dream. Geno has to emerge, or next season its transition time again. I expect 8 wins as a dream, challenging the Patriots for the title? We will leave that to Bills and Dolphins fans alike.

My reality check: Jets will struggle out of the gate due to a tough schedule to start the year. It will take time to adjust to life without Rex and so many new faces, including two old ones, Cromartie and Revis. 8 wins are doable, 7 maybe more realistic.


Before you attack me and use my fanaticism as your reasoning of my demise. WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT!

The biggest comment? Who ever said we will win 12, 11, 10 etc. go back and read every post as I have to, you will see who that is…….Its one of us, maybe even you!


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