Fourth & One

Luciano 11

Fourth & One
Luciano 11
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Camps are here, which means injuries, holdouts, surprises good and bad, its all here

Buffalo Bills

Rex takes over for his first Bill camp ever. The biggest answer all Bills fans will need is, who wins the QB lottery? So far its still the “same” EJ, unknown Taylor and a not so equal to Orton, Cassel; are all battling it out. In the end, one has to be equivalent to Orton, or the 9 wins from a  year ago become a distant good memory. Looks like Cassel is taking command of starting job with Tyrod at backup. EJ has looked very bad and his usual insecure self. Can we all scream: B.U.S.T.!

Idiotic ex teammate of LeSean, Brandon Boykin decided to see if he could get as much attention as the real mccoy. Frankly, I think they are both idiots who didn’t appreciate the fact that neither was considered a player in Chip’s system. I will say this about these fools: if you have to make such idiotic statements, you are truly a racist yourself. The NFL and Eagles probably have more minorities than whites on the roster, learn the game! The more LeSean speaks, the more I recall someone I wanted so bad to be a good citizen and a good teammate, Antonio Holmes. Good luck!

Miami Dolphins

“All-World Elite” Tannehill is back! Biggest question mark? A few, but the key is that OL, Can they hold up and keep Ryan upright? Evan Mathis should have already been signed to a contract, not sure why management thinks that the same players from a year ago can now become a solid line.

Tannehill is trying to get in rhythm with his new weapons, especially since only one is back form a year ago.

Joe has not been heard of, nor seen, is he alive? Rumor has it he has been casting for the new role of Bernie Lomax, as the newest version of Weekend at Bernie’s is filmed.

New England Patriots

World champs back to work? Who cares? All writers want to see is anything related to the Deflation of Tom Brady’s ego. Tom is guilty of asking for the balls to be deflated, believe otherwise and I will be happy to sell you Atlantis Island. However, he was harshly suspended by the league. His reluctance to admit to any kind of guilt has dragged his character and his team into a court battle; where he eventually will admit to guilt or face 4 game suspension. I think he comes to his senses and accepts 2 games with left handed apology. I love how BB has basically allowed Kraft and Brady to keep throwing themselves under the bus, while he remains the SB winning HC.

New York Jets

Can we all get up and scream I.D.I.O.T.!!! Yes, Sheldon Richardson is an idiot of the first kind. No way any green/white blind shaded dudes could argue this. Todd Bowless and Mike Maccagnan are  no Rex/Tannebaum, and no way this fool remains on the team unless he somehow becomes a Saint. I didn’t mention Idzik, because he would have already cut Richardson to save a few millions in CAP money 3 years from now.

Geno and Fitzy have not thrown an INT as of this article being written. Championship! LMAO! This are the Jets folks! Geno has connected with a few very sharp passes to his two top receivers. Question remains, is he saving Genovers for the season?

Calvin Pace in his 14th camp, said that Camp TB is a lot harder than Camp Rex.

Mo Wilkerson tweaked his hammy, but it doesn’t sound serious….as per TB.


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