Game Rewind: Week 10 – Bills @ Jets

Luciano 11

Game Rewind: Week 10 – Bills @ Jets
Luciano 11
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Over the next few weeks, we will revisit all divisional games, in the order that they were played. As the 2015 season enters its second half, these divisional games become much more interesting.


The return of Rex Ryan to Met Life happened on a Thursday night, and the teams are made to look like Christmas tree ornaments, with bright green and bright red uniforms.


Rex, although ended his NY career on a down, many Jets fans still have a love affair with him. He wants nothing more than to beat them, in their stadium, on national tv.


The Bills come into the game having defeated the Dolphins and reached .500, a win is imperative. The Jets ride a 5-3 record into what is beginning to look like a playoffs season.


—- The game —-


This is the game that changed my mind about Rex, and really noticed what a buffoon he really is. He sends IK onto the field as a captain. Rex has done this regularly, but IK was cut for attacking another player, totally in bad taste.


In the end Rex has his wish 22-17 and the Bills appear ready to turn the season around, for the Jets a bad loss at home, and a step backwards. The Bills came out fighting and wanted the game more, from the very beginning. The Jets appeared sluggish and allowed the Bills to bully them around.


Ryan Fitzpatrick 2 TDs, 2 INTs, comes up short against his former team. The Bills running attack had a great night against one the NFL’s top run defenses, 148 yards. Tyrod Taylor 1 TD, zero INTs, played a flawless game.


The 4 turnovers ultimately decided the game.


Biggest losers:

  1. Todd Bowles because even on a short week, he did not prepare the team to face the ire of Rex. I’m not sure Bowles realized how powerful the media attention can be, he learned a lesson tonight.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to step up in these games, in this one he reverted back to the mediocre QB that has been traveling city to city looking for a job.
  3. Brandon Marshall, even playing a short week with a bad hamstring, 23 yards is not enough to be an effective decoy.
  4. The Jets, because a win would have put them in a position to have an incredible season.


Game highlights


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