Game Rewind: Week 7 – Jets @ Patriots

Game Rewind: Week 7 – Jets @ Patriots
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I skipped over this game last week, as a result we are going backwards to week 7.


Both teams enjoyed an early bye week, and after 6 weeks of football, the Patriots appear to be playing with a chip on their shoulder as they destroy team after team in the aftermath of the Tom Brady vs. Goodell saga, over deflation. The Patriots host rival NY Jets and carry a 5-0 record.


The New York Jets have become the early season story line in the AFC. Entering this game the team that won 4 games a year ago is now 4-1.


—- The game —-


The Jets came out to play and led most of the game as they carried a 21-16 lead into the fourth quarter. The defense has been applying pressure on Tom all day. The once run first team executed timely passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick (2 TDs, no INTs) to Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. The Jets running game, although totaled 89 yards, failed to control the fourth quarter and hold on to the lead.


The Patriots did not have a ground game, as the Jets totally shut it down, however Tom went to work in the air, 34 of 54 for 355, 2 TDs. Old nemesis Gronk had a great day with 11 catches. New England staged a fourth quarter come back and won the game 30-23.


Biggest losers:


  1. The New York Jets fans for having their heart broken after three quarters of dreaming of a first place tie.
  2. Chris Ivory, although he scored 1 TD receiving, he was held to 41 yards rushing. Ivory is the work horse that the team needs, especially in the fourth quarter.
  3. Myself for having skipped over this game to begin with.

Game highlights

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