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Good Morning! AFCE 11/21/14 Links

Good Morning! AFCE 11/21/14 Links
Luciano 11
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Every day starting 5am: Morning Links

Friday@ 11am: Double Coverage Bills@Jets by iycedout17 & ArcherNoles1863

Friday @ 2pm: CK’s Report – A Highly Biased Pregame Review by cknuckles60191

Saturday: Week in Review
Sunday: Who should you root for today?
Monday @ 1amm: The AFCE Playoff Picture by Luciano11
Monday @ 2pm: Bills / Jets Recap by CJ is 2and3inthePegulaEra
Tuesday @ 10am: New England Patriots Playoff Race – Teams to Root For Week 12
Tuesday @ 12pm: Miami Dolphins Playoff Race – Teams to Root For Week 12
Tuesday @ 2pm: Buffalo Bills Playoff Race – Teams to Root For Week 12
Wednesday  @ 10am: Rankings
Wednesday @ 2pm: Slick’s Overreactions by SlickVinny
Thursday: Morning Links Only, Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday  @ 2pm: NFL 32 Thoughts about Week 12 by cknuckles60191

Please note: Next week’s scheduled gets moved up by a day, all rankings need to be in earlier, Thanks



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