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Greg Roman’s Offense, what do we really know?

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Luciano 11

Greg Roman’s Offense, what do we really know?
Luciano 11
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We can all speculate how different the Bills offense will be. Sure in the end it will depend on the QB that is behind center. However, there is a new master mind of offense in Buffalo. Greg Roman was successful in SF, can he bring that level of success to the AFCE?

The Bills have added a huge running weapon in Shady McCoy, and a sure handed TE in Clay. Watching these videos, it gives you an idea of why getting both these guys was imperative.


The Bills will be IMO a very controlled offense with McCoy handling the majority of the load. Clay will be key on third downs. I expect the occasional deep passes and slants to Watkins, but these will be used primarily as a way to stop defenses from keying on the run. This is Ground and Pound in its best form, and it is effective. If the Bills do get in the playoffs, they will be a dangerous team. The biggest concern is they cannot afford to fall behind in games, catching up with this kind of offense is very hard to do.

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