Jets Draft: Combine Edition


Jets Draft: Combine Edition
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The bulk of the Combine has been finished and now scouts are getting a better idea what certain players are in their boards and what not.

1st) Dorial Green-Beckman WR from Mizzou/Sooners

The Jets passing game was atrocious last year. Part of it was QB play and the other part was that outside of Decker they had nobody at WR. DGB is a huge freak, at 6’5ish and 237 pounds he is a matchup nightmare who can win any jumpball. DGB is the most talented WR in this class but he does have some off the field issues that may be a cause for concern.  However for the past year nothing has really popped up in regards to him which is a great sign and means he might be maturing. With the Jets needing anything on offense, they can get lucky and get a guy who is similar to Megatron from a physical talent standpoint. He is still raw in his route running but if the ball is in his vicinity, he will catch it, making him pretty much uncoverable.

2nd) Brett Hundley QB from UCLA

New GM and Head Coach means the Jets will more than likely want to start new at QB. Instead of going Mariota in the 1st, they wait in the 2nd to get a very talented QB who while raw, has high upside. Hundley has the size at 6’3 227, the arm talent and athleticism that teams look for. He can make every throw and has the ability to make pass rushers miss and make plays with his legs. However he is raw in the mental aspects in regards to reading defenses. In college he wasn’t asked to make many complex reads and there were very few times he went past his 1st read. His footwork is also something he needs work on but  both those things are very teachable. He is a guy who shouldn’t start day one but in today’s NFL, rookies start sooner than later. Chan Gailey’s offense is a good fit for him early on and if developed properly could be a very good QB.

3rd) Jose Matias OG from FSU

Offensive line particularly the guard position is somewhere the Jets should look at. Matias has good size and his very physical in his blocking. He is a guy who could start right away at RG and not be a liability.

4th) Quentin Rollins CB from Miami (OH)

Former Hoops star who switch to football his last year Rollins oozes with talent. He has very good instincts and while still developing as a corner has shown abilities to make big plays and read the QB’s eyes. He might not be an immediate starter but he can be uses early on in sub packages and one day develop into a starting guy.

5th) Lynden Trail LB from Northfolk ST.

Huge size at 6’7 260, Trail is a very raw talented guy who fits well as a 3-4 OLB. He also has some experience lining up at TE.  He is a project player who is he develops could develop into a very dominant OLB. Also could be a good goal-line TE and win jump balls.

7th) Blake Sims QB/RB from Rawl Tyde

Sims is an interesting guy as he initially played RB but switched to QB when Bama needed. He started last year due to Lane Kiffin falling in love with him and posted some decent numbers thanks to Amari Cooper. He is undersized as a QB and doesn’t have an elite arm or anything. He more than likely will switch back to RB where the Jets could use another guy.


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