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Jets Flight Weekly …

Jets Flight Weekly …
Luciano 11
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By Luciano11

Featured writer for Sideline Report covering the Jets

                A closer look at the New York Jets Roster …… Offense Part 1 of 2

We have reached that moment in the season, when if you love football, the days are slow and uneventful. Nothing will be going on for a few weeks; unless you are such a devout collage fan that you get excited about some “overweight steroid induced machine” running the 40-yard dash. As a younger man, running and speed was my biggest attribute, yet I don’t get the difference between 4.56 seconds to 4.52. These guys are not going to be timed for an Olympic 100 meter run. Believe me if you can run that fast, an extra hundredth of a second means nothing once you have pads on. So much can be said, but we will leave that article to TNSA later in the week, this is about the Jets……

I will not recap 2013 as a team, because that has been overdone here already by both Jet and non Jet fans. Lets take a look at this team a bit closer, the roster position by position. This week we take a look at the Jets Offense.

1. QuarterbackGeno Smith, Matt Simms, Mark Sanchez

a. Geno started all 16 games last year, and as you would expect from a rookie, he led the team to a roller-coaster ride. Geno was good, he was bad, but his last 4 games have left us desiring more. He needs to stop giving the ball to the other team, and the Jets will be thrilled. Imagine that with as many INTs as he had, the team still won 8 games. I see Geno improving and cut down his mistakes, especially with a full off-season of Morty Ball.       Expectations: 12-16 INTs, 15-20 TDs, 5-7 rushing TDs, 400-600 YDS rushing

b. Sanchez’ contract is too hefty to keep around, he would have to take a huge pay cut, don’t see that happening. Mark will want an opportunity to start. He will be released.

c. Simms is a very raw young kid, he captured the heart of NY, mostly because his dad won SBs across town. The Jets will sign a veteran to compete and teach Geno, Simms to #3


Geno-Smith     mark-sanchez-pic     matt-simms

# Player   Age Height Weight Years Exp. College
6 Mark Sanchez QB 27 6’2″ 225 5 USC
5 Matt Simms QB 25 6’3″ 210 1 Tennessee
7 Geno Smith QB 23 6’2″ 221 R West Virginia
Average 25 6’2″ 219 2.33


 2. Offensive LineNick Mangold, Brian Winters, Willie Colon, Austin Howard, D’Brickashaw Ferguson

a. Mangold continues to be the anchor of this line, his contribution is not getting the recognition it should around the league, mostly because he had to deal with a slumping Sanchez and a rookie QB. Rushing up the middle was extremely successful this past season, and Mangold is a big reason why. Nick is among the best and Jets are lucky to have him.

b. Winters was a huge surprise. Drafted in 2013, he was supposed to sit behind Ducasse and eventually replace Colon. Instead he unseated Ducasse early in the season. The kid many numerous mistakes, but also showed flashes of what’s ahead. The experience will benefit this team next season. Winters will be a starter for this line for years to come.

c. Colon was a smart signing by Idzik. His price tag was inexpensive, as he wanted to be closer to his native Bronx. Colon provided leadership for the younger members of this line. Jets will resign him and hope he continues to have some gas left in that tank, as the kids behind him (Campbell and Aboushi) learn.

d. Howard, or the Mario Killer as I call him, burst into the scene a year ago. That position had been a disaster for two years, and this unknown stepped in early and shut down Mighty Mario. Has been steadily growing and improving since. He is a FA, but you can bet the Jets will have him signed prior to start of Free Agency.

e. Ferguson is the one I worry the most about. The Brick wasn’t quite himself last season. The hope is that it was just a down year and he rebounds. If he does the line will be solid

f. The Depth, Oday Aboushi, at 6’5” 305 lbs, and a nasty mean streak may eventually unseat Colon; he was drafted last season. Vladimire Ducasse (FA, will not be back), William Campbell (another interesting young kid that could push for a starting job, he made the switch from DT to OL), Patrick Ford & Ben Ijalana are projects; Caleb Schlauderaff & Daulton Freeman (both insurance policy for Mangold).

The Jets OL had been a disaster last two season, this year it took a few steps forward, but by no means are they were they need to be. To have an OL click on all cylinders takes time, years, and it looks like next season this unit will be a huge improvement. Jets will draft another OL with one of their top 4 picks, controlling both lines of scrimmage for this team to succeed it is a must.


Brick wint mang colo howar 

# Player   Age Height Weight Years Exp. College
63 Dalton Freeman C 23 6’5″ 291 R Clemson
74 Nick Mangold C 30 6’4″ 307 8 Ohio State
65 William Campbell G 22 6’4″ 311 R Michigan
61 Patrick Ford G 23 6’6″ 305 R Eastern Kentucky
72 Caleb Schlauderaff G 26 6’4″ 302 3 Utah
67 Brian Winters G 22 6’4″ 320 R Kent State
75 Oday Aboushi OL 22 6’5″ 308 R Virginia
66 Willie Colon OL 30 6’3″ 315 8 Hofstra
62 Vladimir Ducasse OL 26 6’5″ 325 4 Massachusetts
60 D’Brickashaw Ferguson OT 30 6’6″ 310 8 Virginia
77 Austin Howard OT 26 6’7″ 333 4 Northern Iowa
71 Ben Ijalana OT 24 6’4″ 322 3 Villanova
Average 25.33 6’5″ 312.42 3.58


 Ben Camp ford freeman

Cal Odaya Duca


……… week we will take a closer look at RBs, TE, WRs


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