Jets Flight Weekly …

Jets Flight Weekly …
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   12 picks (for now)… some will change the franchise!


Winter for me starts when the SB ends. The next day I finally realize how cold and ugly it is outside. On the other end, Spring begins not in March, usually April, but this year May….NFL Draft Day!


So here we are! The day we all dream of new stars, a better team, and the day we begin to make crazy predictions; all because of a few kids that have never even had one NFL practice.

I’m no different, and today, I will tell you the 5 players that will change this team. Why 5? It seems to be GM Idzik’s lucky number. Last year he drafted 5 starters, so let’s stick with 5.


Round 1

I see two players drafted in this round. I really do believe the Jets move into the bottom of the round for a second pick. They will take 2 of these four players: Kyle Fuller, Odell Beckham Jr., Calvin Pryor, Kelvin Benjamin. I know 4? But hey my name is not Mel Kiper, I can’t tell you exactly what happens, I just get you close.

…………My Prediction: Fuller and Benjamin

Round 2

Jets have traded this pick to move into round 1, but they get it back in another trade. This is where it will get interesting. A Safety might be a priority here, and I know the Jets like Ahmad Dixon, or they may take DE Chris Smith from Arkansas.

………My Prediction: Chris Smith

Round 3 (no picks

Round 4

Jets will pick three times in this round, do to trades. The players they will chose from: Terrance Brooks (S), C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE), Devin Street (WR), Seantrel Henderson (OT), Chris Davis (CB)

………My Prediction: Brooks, Henderson, Fiedorowicz

You are probably wondering if I can count, that is 6 players. All will start at some point during the season, except for Fiedorowicz, because I really believe that Zach Sudfeld will develop into a very reliable threat.

Join us tonight here for our First Draft Show…..It will be entertaining, we will also give you insights.

kyle-fullerKBChris Smith


Seantrel-Hendersonterrance brooks

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