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Jets Flight Weekly…

Jets Flight Weekly…
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Jets Camp Update


As the team is preparing for week two-games, I wanted to update all the loyal and devoted Jets lovers on the site.

Notes from camp to date:

Morninweg has talked about finally being able to unleash his arsenal this season, starting with Camp Cortland. Apparently he feels that Geno has total grasp of his system. Add to the equation that Smith’s mentor is a disciple of the Morty Way, it all makes a lot sense. Jets also upgraded key positions for the Eastern Strain of the West Coast Offense: WR, TE and catch passing RB.

Eric Decker has been a leader and role model to the young kids, especially since he has incredible work ethics, and shockingly in 2014, he is NOT a DIVA!

Jace Amaro started out slow, and is being pushed by Rex. Nobody can question his catch passing abilities, but the Jets want the kid to be a more complete TE, to the point where Rex called him out and told him “Go watch some Mike Ditka tapes, that is who you can be; use that big body to your advantage”. To his credit, Amaro responded by saying “ Rex is correct, I should use my body more”. Looking forward to see the kid against the Bengals on Saturday.

The third addition was Chris Johnson. When the Jets signed a problematic individual a year ago by the name of Mike Goodson, what they wanted was exactly what Morty’s West Coast offense needs, a RB that is deadly in short quick routes out of the backfield. As we all know, Woodson’s Jets stay became much more known for his gun charges than his on the field abilities. In comes the best available RB in FA. Johnson is not going to be expected to be the “Do it all RB” as he was in Tennessee, and we saw flashes of what is coming in game one. Chris Johnson can become lethal with his good hands. He will have LBs covering him; I cannot wait to see the Ellerbees, Mayos and Spikes question themselves as they try to contain him.

Defensively the Jets received some bad news from both the game and practice this past weekend. In the game Dimitri Patterson and Kyle Wilson stunk up the place. The only positive factor from CBs, Dee Milliner suffered a high ankle sprain, and will miss a few weeks. The other good game-performer was rookie Dexter McDougle; one I thought would eventually unseat Patterson. McDougle tore his ACL and is done for the season. I hope Ras I-Dowling is ready because I have a feeling Jets fans will be booing Dimitri out of NJ very quickly.

We finally get to see priced pick, my choice for Defensive rookie of the Year, Calvin Pryor on Saturday. He has practiced for almost two weeks and is ready to move forward from his first ever concussion.

What I expect Saturday:

Jets visit Cincinnati, a good test in game 2. Expect Geno and his new toys to play the entire first half. I fully expect one play for Vick to come in and run a WildCat type of play during the first half. Do not expect to see a lot of Decker, as he is nursing an injury. We will see plenty of Chris Johnson in passing situations, and more of Powell in running plays, since Ivory is also nursing his way back to health.

The score doesn’t interest me, but I do want to see Geno move the ball and score 1 TD against a very tough defense.


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