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Lucky & Looney’s Expert Analysis

Lucky & Looney’s Expert Analysis
Luciano 11
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By Jay Sweeney & Luciano Rapa

Featured writers for Sideline Report

NFL Rankings…….part 1-3

In the next three days, The Sideline Report will bring you a special treat, the NFL Pre-Pre-Pre-Season Rankings

Texans32. Texans

Jay:    If their lucky the 1st pick in the draft will solve a lot of problems. Expect a little more from this team in 2014

Luciano:        Wow!!! How far have the Mighty Texans fallen! I do not see this franchise getting close to any Playoff discussions in 2014.

Redskins31. Redskins

Jay:    I don’t understand why they can’t just buy a good team and neither does Dan Snyder but those DC lobbyists are willing to pay for the luxury boxes anyway

Luciano:        Redskins are Dan Snyder, and he is too involved. I see him as the late Al Davis and Jerry jones, and neither has much to show for lately, neither will the Redskins.

Raiders30. Raiders

Jay:    The Raiders have bad jokes going around about them and every year they seem to live up to the jokes. NFL player graveyard.

Luciano:        See above, like the Redskins, this is a joke of a franchise. Think about it, they went from Oakland to LA, back to Oakland. Their history is what it is, and bullying is no longer allowed….unless you’re in Florida

Jags29. Jaguars

Jay:    Anything the Browns can do the Jaguars can do better. Maybe. Maybe not.

Luciano:        Jaguars are a joke, no way Florida has the ability to maintain three teams. Jags are the odd man out. The area sucks, the team sucks, let’s face it, this ain’t no South Florida.  Where is Tebow!!!!!!

Browns28. Browns

Jay:    The answer to what’s wrong with the Browns seems to be they are the Browns. Not sure what that means but they will still be the Browns again this year.

Luciano:        I will try to be fair. Cleveland lost the new Ravens, and maybe there was a reason. This is not Jim Brown’s franchise anymore. Browns are a joke, its even hard to make fun of them.

Bucs27. Buccaneers

Jay:    This nasty team doesn’t realize you already penciled in a W and then makes you work for it. Good team to stay away from.

Luciano:        Bucs puzzle me. They have talent, yet don’t play up to their level? This is a team that can win 4 games, but surprise everyone and win 9. A .500 team next season/

Falcons26. Falcons

Jay:    Not sure what went wrong with the Falcons. Letting Matt Ryan run the draft would fix things

Luciano:        This entered 2013 with SB aspirations, what happened? Simple, a typical dome team that found it hard to win; I do not believe in the Falcons, and I would have placed them even lower.

Bills25. Bills

Jay:    Every year the Bills go get a NFL Team puzzle with all the pieces. One of these years somebody up there will arrange the pieces correctly.

Luciano:        Bills are the ultimate NFL freaks. This team is better than its regular 6 wins, so what’s up? Bills need a major shakeup, and not the band aid provided every year. A “real” HC is needed, but in order to get one they must convince someone that they are for real. Marrone is not the answer. I do see the team improving, while the QB position regresses.

Vikes24. Vikings

Jay:    Whats wrong with them anyway? Just say no QB and don’t waste more time looking deeper

Luciano:        No QB, no direction, a great RB that is a throw back. This team will continue to flirt with success, yet fall short. Too bad, the Vikes have a history and following that deserves more.

Giants23. Giants

Jay:    The NY team with the other Manning that wakes up to beat the Patriots and win the Superbowl. Harmless otherwise.

Luciano:        Giants have hidden all of Peyton Jr’s problems with a great defense. Now that the QB needs to carry them, it’s not happening. Defense sucks, QB is a turn over machine and mediocre at best. No sun will be shining in their half of Met Life anytime soon

Titans22. Titans

Jay:    What division are they in again? Only AFC South fans know this unless your team plays them and you look it up

Luciano:        Titans have shown flashes in recent memory, but they are a far cry from the OilersNo QB, no real answer to the Colts, no chance, will drop even further

Lions21. Lions

Jay:    This is the NFL’s March team. Comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb. Almost as noisy as the Bears.

Luciano:        How can a team pick in top 3 for what was over a decade and be this bad? That DL has so much talent, best WR in the game. What gives? Bad coaching, lousy locker room = bad record. They will be picking high agin very soon, as all those players will start to walk.


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