Lucky’ picks….QBs-Galore— 2018 AFCE-NFL Draft

Lucky’ picks….QBs-Galore— 2018 AFCE-NFL Draft
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Our division will be very involved on draft night, all have a huge needs. The Jets and Dolphins stunk up the joint last year, giving them high picks. The Bills traded away talent to move up, as did the Patriots, all have led to what appears to be one of the most exciting draft for the AFCE in a very long time.
Some of the picks will not be from our division, however they are necessary to set up our picks.
#1 Cleveland Browns
The Browns and the Bills are the favorites to land  Josh Allen, that simple. Both teams have expressed a love for the upside (or hope) that the Wyoming kid has. I had Allen to the Browns for months (even if I wanted to raise Bills fans blood pressure). After trading for Tyrod, the Browns can draft the youngest QB and let him sit for a year or two……Sam Darnold
#2 NY Giants
The Giants are a mess, and their inept new GM will not have what it takes to upset Eli by drafting a QB. Many feel he will take Barkley, but a RB this high will need to be justified with a crappy OL and when the team is back in the top 3 next year. The safe pick is ….Bradley Chubb
#3 NY Jets
Mac traded 3 #2s to get here, and he did so for one player! Yes, the fall back option was Josh Rosen, however, recent days have led me to believe that if Darnold is still here, he becomes the pick. However there is no doubt in my mind that the player they wanted all along is one that combines all the tools needed: Accuracy/Mobility/Heart/Leadership/No-Fear of NY Media/Presence……..Baker Mayfield
#4 Cleveland Browns
The Browns, unlike popular belief, do not trade the pick. Bills, Cards and Fins not open to the price tag. The Browns have an opportunity to get the most talented RB to come out in years, and give Tyrod/Darnold a running weapon……Shaquan Barkley
#5 Denver Broncos 
The Broncos believe they are set at QB, but are they? It will all depend on which Keenum shows up this year. Elway may trade down or take the best player. In the end he makes the smart choice and gives that OL a boost …….Quenton Nelson
#6 Indianapolis Colts ———> Buffalo Bills
The Colts are not staying put, it is not a secret that they are retooling, and the more picks the better. The Buffalo Bills fearing the Cardinals and Dolphins, send both #1s to Indy. The Bills have no QB, unless you feel that AJ (the forgotten one) is the answer. They did not make all the moves prior to the draft and then watch every QB they covet get picked by another team. I know Bills fans hate this, but it has not been a secret that Josh Allen is considered their top choice. His big arm and ability to play in cold weather, makes him a perfect fit ……….Josh Allen
#10 Oakland Raiders ———> New England Patriots
Bill Belichick never wanted to trade away Jimmy G., because like it or not, Tom’s days are truly numbered. The LT Kolton Miller will be available in the second. Knowing too well that the Dolphins are picking next, Bill trades the #23 and #31 to grab the QB many felt could go as high as #1. The heir apparent to Tom Brady ….Josh Rosen
#11 Miami Dolphins ———> Arizona Cardinals
….In the meantime the Dolphins are wondering “what about us?”. Trader Mike Tannenbaum finding the price tag to move up too pricey, cannot get the QB that gives he and HC Gase some much needed life as they fade out Ryan Tannehill. The QB they wanted was Baker Mayfield, but he will be wearing Jets green. Lamar Jackson and Rudolph are both sitting and waiting, but is either truly worth a gamble at 11? The Arizona Cardinals think so, Cards select …… Lamar Jackson
#15 Miami Dolphins
Trading back and having gained a #2 as well, the Dolphins begin to remove the stench of Ndamukong Suh, and continue to get young at DL …….. Maurice Hurst
If it all plays out this way, I think the division has done well considering between all, the teams have trade 3 #2s, 5 #1s.

Jets need a huge presence at QB, the media market will absolutely love Baker. Josh McCown is the perfect QB to teach young Baker about the West-coast O and how to handle yourself as a professional. 

The Bills fans will not be happy with my choice, however, Allen in Buffalo will eventually be better than Rosen in Buffalo. Allen can be the new Wentz.

The Patriots can afford to let Rosen (the most ready QB already) sit and watch Tom, because next year he will have the chance to start. 

The Dolphins have bigger needs than another DT, however, for some reason they think that you win in football by collecting DL.
Happy Draft Night!

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