Meet Geno Smith

Luciano 11

Meet Geno Smith
Luciano 11
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Jets fans will not agree with my prediction, but, hey, I’m an island anyway.

Geno has sucked to say the least, but let us look at this for a second. He was drafted because everyone figured he would go in the first, and the Jets found him on their lap. Rex made the most unthinkable mistake a veteran HC could make, and threw Sanchez in a game that meant nothing, at a time when veterans have already showered. Sanchez got hurt, and Geno took over in his rookie year.

Geno,, a QB from a spread offense should have never been the starter on a team with a HC and OC, that didn’t even know what spread meant. The idea was for Geno to push Sanchez, but it backfired. As a result Geno had to learn on the fly.

I’m not going to sit here and excuse Geno, but, that year’s first round QB started two seasons and got benched very early in both.

Geno also played on two teams deprived of talent and a HC that believed in running a Wild Cat. All that stupid WC does is take a QB out of his rhythm. For some reason, Rex never saw that, but Sanchez and Geno have been taken out of games for a play while having a good drive, only to run a WC that didn’t work. Geno, like Sanchez has found himself in numerous 3rd and very long, because of a Wild Cat, or something. This year he has talent around him, no excuses.

Geno will win the starting QB job, simply because he has the most ready raw talent of the three QBs on the roster. The team would rather see if they have a QB for the long haul, rather than do a Dougie Marrone and just try to win for one year. It will also be easier to bring in Fitz if Geno fails.


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