Miami Dolphins Pre-Season Recap

Miami Dolphins Pre-Season Recap
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Miami Dolphins

by Carlos Calle

Three weeks in to the pre-season and the one constant question still yet to be answered is will Tannehill and Wallace ever connect on a deep pass? Forget the offensive line and its right guard musical chairs; we’re talking about the lack of that moment we all expect when Wallace hit on stride coasting into the end zone. So in three games we’re still suffering deep ball frustrations here’s the top stories in Dolphins camp.

First time offense

Last week on Saturday it was brutal watching the offense march up and down the field for a pathetic 3 points. There were flashes of greatness but mental lapses that left fans scratching their heads. Kudos to Philbin addressing the media on how he wants the pace to be faster and need to score (kind of goes without saying). Running game was present! Great to see Moreno running through and getting positive giving Lamar Miller a HUGE wakeup call. Also to add to the running game, Williams and Darkwa looked great too. Although it was with the second and third team it was noticeable those two can play in this league. Offensive line held their own creating holes and decent protection on the pass for Tannehill. Just can’t figure out why they couldn’t score.


Throughout training camp defense were steps or two ahead from the offense. Deep on the defensive line, they seemed to be a crew to be reckoned with. Constantly getting to Romo on Saturday and giving him a night to forget.  Linebackers are still the Achilles heel on this side of the ball having some tackling issues and horrible coverage. Which brings to question if Philbin will pull the plug and insert camp favorite Tripp? As of now corners and d-line are bread and butter making this defense to project top 15 in the league by season end. Just need Wheeler to get a clue and make a play!

Special Teams

It’s amazing we’re weeks away from week 1 and do not have a kicker on the team. Brandon Fields was on double assignments on Saturday as Potter had to leave with a hip injury. Sturgis is still recovering from a groin injury and ETA is still unknown. So if anyone can boot a 40+ FG please give Davie office a call. Aside from kickers, coverage on the kicking/punting was BAD. Seems all those new bodies are still adapting to NFL speed and they need to adapt quickly.


As it stands, training camp as goes well considering few injuries and suspensions in the first month of the season. Overall team has progressed and if we can just get ONE deep ball connection from Tannehill to Wallace to fall would sum this upcoming season as slight possible hope. Want to pay my respect to the those who didn’t make the roster. Moment of silence…….. GO FINS!!


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