MikesFriedRice’s Sunday Odds – Hypothetically

MikesFriedRice’s Sunday Odds – Hypothetically
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Happy days are here again! I’m only losing you 9% of your hypothetical money!

Last Week: 3-2

Won with the Bills where we called the outright upset, also called the Chargers outright upset, and the Detroit win against Chicago when the power numbers correctly hit the true line on the nose with an 8 point Detroit win 40-32. We missed on Oakland when Flynn ended up starting for the Raiders and on the teaser with the Raiders and Fins.
Overall I think my power numbers seem to be starting into round into form so I’m gonna add some additional games to the mix.

Overall: 9-9-1
SEE, this advice is only costing you 9% of your hypothetical money!

Power Rankings

DEN 6.114                     NO 4.116
DET 4.017                     SF 3.921
SEA 3.682                    HOU 3.441
GB 3.374                        SD 3.322
ATL 3.026                    NE 2.827
CIN 2.764                     PITT 2.515
PHI 2.495                     IND 2.417
NYJ 2.367                    WA 2.148
MIA 2.088                   KC 2.071
TENN 2.008               BAL 1.992
DAL 1.985                    CAR 1.984
MN 1.975                       ARZ 1.974
NYG 1.866                    CLV 1.845
OAK 1.781                     CHI 1.766
BUFF 1.439                  STL 0.919
TB 0.815                        JACK -0.714

To the picks!

CINCINNATI +1 -110 @Home versus the Pats
Take the dog at home. Enough said!
INDIANAPOLIS +3 -120 @Home versus the mighty Seahawks

DETROIT +7 EV @ Greenbay Packers
I love this line. Detroit getting the key number of 7 and we aren’t even getting charged to make the bet as the juice is even.

NEW ORLEANS PK -110 @ Chicago Bears
Hoping the Saints don’t have an emotionally let down after the Monday night beatdown they gave my fins. My numbers say the Bears are frauds.

PHILADELPHIA +2 -110 @NY Giants
I hate this pick because philly’s defense might be just as bad as the Giants and Vick scares the hell out of me. If I thought anyone was actually going to bet this pick I would tell they were them crazy.

ARIZONA +1½ -110 @ Home vs Carolina Panthers
Again, I hate this pick. The world knows Carolina vastly outclasses the cards talent wise, the cards offensive line is dog crap, and I hear that Carolina gave up on the retarded idea to turn Cam into an undercenter QB. So my numbers could very well be useless here. The counterpoint is historically blindly betting dogs is as safe as stupid betting gets.

OAKLAND +4½ -110 @ Home versus back from the the dead Phil Rivers
My numbers have Oakland +2 so take the dog at home.

DENVER -7 -120 @ Dallas Cowboys
I’ve heard a few prognosticators picking this as an upset for the cowboys. It looks like from the juice someone has been hitting the Denver though. I have a real hard time seeing the cowboys upset. They have crap homefield advantage with all those luxury skyboxes plus the hyper critical local media and they have the consistency and constitution of an old man on the Oregon Trail with dysentery.

HOUSTON +5 -109 @ 49ers
Earlier this week you could have gotten Houston at close to 7 points, so out of principle I’d avoid this since it has dropped 2 points – but nonetheless I have Houston +3.5 so up it goes!

NY JETS +9 -110 @ Atlanta
I haven’t added penalty yards yet to my power rankings. I also was terribly disappointed in the Jets last week and don’t understand why they are rated so high by me in the first place. But what do I know about what I don’t know. I have the Falcons by 4.5 points. Take the points.

*I avoided Miami because I don’t want to listen to what my numbers are saying and the Chiefs because they are playing Tennessee and Fitzpatrick is Fitzy.


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