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Moving on to the NFL Divisional Round

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Luciano 11

Moving on to the NFL Divisional Round
Luciano 11
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Wildcard weekend was very strange this past weekend, no home team won their game, erasing any advantage obtained during the season. Mistakes and more mistakes, led to two teams moving on.


Kansas City @ Houston

I had the Chiefs winning 27-20, little did I know that Hoyer would revert back to Peewee football. The Texans played like the Bad News Bears enter the NFL, and the Chiefs made them pay for, embarrassing performance by Houston. Chiefs move on to New England and face the wounded New England Patriots.


Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

I was wrong in this one, thinking the Bengals would finally grow up and win 24-21. Bengals should have, had won, only to make sure they didn’t. How does a team have the game won after a turn over, deep inside Steelers territory with little time left, but find a way to lose it? Frankly I’m not sure why Marvin Lewis still has a job, its great to have a good season, but at some point you have to win one in the playoffs. Steelers are a very lucky team, barely beating their 6th backup QB in a row. They now face a starter in Denver, or do they?


Seattle @ Minnesota

This is where inexperience and luck prevailed again. I had the Seahawks winning 23-13, but had the Vikings capitalized on their chances, that would have not been the case. This game was played in conditions only Eskimos should play in, and it showed in the execution of many plays. Vikings have a lot of growing up to do, Seattle takes a trip to Charlotte.


Green Bay @ Washington

i picked the Redskins 33-20, but the Packers decided to actually play for a change, and won the game. Rodgers once again takes the team on his shoulders and carries them to the finish line. Redskins are another team like the Vikings with no experience. Redskins will be paying a big contract to Cousins and Packers travel to Arizona, again.

… and then there were 8

Divisional Round

The teams waiting for their victims have earned this right by having the top two records in each Conference. I will give you a preview and my picks on Saturday. You are also welcome to give me your picks to be published…….SREditTeam@gmail.com


Chiefs @ Patriots —- Sat. 4:35PM Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

Steelers @ Broncos —- Sun. 4:40PM Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Packers @ Cardinals —- Sat. 8:15PM U of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Seahawks @ Panthers —- Sun.1:05PM Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

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