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New AFCE Players – Brandon Marshall

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New AFCE Players – Brandon Marshall
Luciano 11
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Many new faces, some with a big history, will be seen in the playgrounds of the AFC East this season. While, I wrote that the most dynamic is LeSean McCoy, the biggest presence will not be Suh, but non other than a “former” prodigal son, Brandon Marshall.

On April 14, 2010 there was so much excitement in the air in South Florida; ESPN boards were flooded with new members. The man, the 100+ / 1000+ regular WR was coming to town…..The division balance had just tipped enough that Tom Brady was about to drown as far south as the Florida Keys. Brandon “sure hands” Marshall for just a 2nd round pick.

Marshall proves his worth on anemic offense, that only really had one weapon ‘The Wild Cat”. The problem was simple, he no longer had a QB that could throw him the ball. And as soon as the Fins discover a QB, Ryan Tannehill, they sent Marshall packing to Chicago for a 3rd pick. They needed to make room for Mike Wallace. Tannehill needed a talented sure handed WR not a one dimensional straight runner.



While in Miami, Marshall was diagnosed with a Borderline personality disorder. Some may laugh this off, but being married to someone that deals with others that have this, the fact that Marshall knows it, and has fought through it, and still plays at the level he does, is very remarkable. BPD at times brings out a bad Marshall, one that is not afraid to tell his QB what he thinks, he did take down a few notches in Chicago. But few WR show the desire and have that fire to succeed as he does.

Geno Smith will benefit immensely by Brandon’s presence. Geno’s WRs have had some bad cases of the dropsies, Marshall has sure hands, and his YAC is usually pretty good too. I for one love this move, it was inexpensive, low risk, and for 2-3 season’s Brandon can change this offense and give one of our young QBs the confidence he needs. Welcome to the Jets Brandon!

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