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NEW AFCE PLAYERS – Jordan Cameron

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NEW AFCE PLAYERS – Jordan Cameron
Luciano 11
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First of all let me clear the air, rumor has it, he doesn’t like having two first names, and somehow they messed up in Cleveland (Big surprise). It was really Cameron Jordan .

Jordan had a promising career going, one that was about to elevate him to be ranked among the best TE in the game. He is very talented for sure, however, he is one of those players who easily gets concussions. CJ, can be a force, but he is rarely on the field. Last year he single handily ruined my first 4 games of Fantasy Football, because of his headaches. And when he came back? He was basically a decoy, because they were afraid he might even run the wrong way.

All kidding aside, I have always liked him, a lot, but when a player of this quality is available, and few teams try to get him, there is a reason. If he can stay healthy, Jordan becomes a key target for Tannehill, and he will open up holes for the other receivers.

Dolphins have a tried this road before, getting an often injured up and coming TE, it backfired then, will it now?

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