New Players, a “BUST” & a “FIND” (Miami Dolphins)

Luciano 11

New Players, a “BUST” & a “FIND” (Miami Dolphins)
Luciano 11
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With the avalanche of articles coming, and none really being up to our standards, I decided to do a series on all four teams. This one will cover new additions only via Trade, Free Agency or Draft. I will pick the player I think will be a g00d “FIND” and one that maybe thought of right now as a good pickup, but may just not be what is expected.

Second on the list in alphabetical order are the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have made a lot of noise during the offseason, and by way of free agency and trades they added: DT Ndamukong Suh, WR Kenny Stills, TE Jordan Cameron, CB Brice McCain, OL J.D. Walton, WR Greg Jennings, CB Zack Bowman, LB Spencer Paysinger.

The team also drafted: WR DeVante Parker, DT Jordan Phillips, OG Jamil Douglas, RB Jay Ajayi.

Player to watch

Ndamukong Suh was the biggest splash for sure. Suh was probably the most wanted free agent on day one. However, his season will be normal, nothing unexpected sort of speak. He will not suddenly turn from great player to superman, but his contributions will be noticeable. I actually think the biggest surprise will come in the form of Jordan Cameron.

I know this maybe a surprise, but Jordan has to have an injury free season sooner or later, and this maybe just the year. If he remains healthy, he will become Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target. Jordan has sure hands, and his routes are rather crisp. If it wasn’t for his numerous health issues, he would be ranked among the top 5 TEs in the game. Jordan should thrive In Miami’s warmer weather.

My second choice was Jay Ajayi. No surprise here, as I was his biggest fan during the draft. The kid will become a stud if he keeps his nose out of trouble. I think by this time next year he will become the featured back. He can catch as well as run, and his speed with power is reminiscent of a young RB drafted by the Bills, now playing in Seattle.

Below expectations

This is actually an easy pick, Kenny Stills. Everyone is so excited about this young man, as they should be. However, expectations are way too high, and here is why:

  1. He no longer has an offense designed strictly on passing, where even 3rd and 4th options get receptions
  2. Tannehill has grown, but he is not Drew Breese yet
  3. He really has never played a major role, so why do we think he can do it now?
  4. AFCE and the 6 games in it are against tougher defenses than the NFCS

I like Stills, but I think he is a third option, and not the wideout that takes pressure off of Landry and company.

My second choice was Greg Jennings, because he is simply old and done. The man has so many miles on his body that its like driving a Model T in 2015. Good pickup, but no longer a threat, he will play in the role that should belong to Stills.


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