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Could the new York Jets actually be competitive in the AFC East?

Could the new York Jets actually be competitive in the AFC East?
S/R Staff
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The New York Jets had one of the most exciting off-seasons in the National Football League. They, like the Miami Dolphins, gave out a massive deal to one of the best defensive players in the league in Darrelle Revis. Revis signed a five-year, $70 million dollar deal with almost $40 million guaranteed. This was a deal that the New England Patriots would have never given the star cornerback. Revis is maybe the best defensive players in the league. A shutdown cornerback can transform a defense. However, the Jets needed a little bit more than Revis, and they addressed that as well.

The Jets went from a secondary made up of “whos?” has become one of the better secondary’s in the football. In addition to Revis, they brought Antonio Cromartie home, and luckily for Cromartie, it is not in his contract that he has to know the name of all of his teammates. Revis and Cromartie have played together in New York in the past and if they can perform at the same level they did a few years ago, they will give opposing quarterbacks nightmares. They also added a very good number three cornerback in Buster Skrine.

The Jets also upgraded on the offensive side of the ball by trading for star wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It was reported recently that Marshall was almost traded to the Patriots prior to the 2014 season, but that trade fell through and Marshall remained in Chicago for the year. Poor guy. They also added Ryan Fitzpatrick as a veteran quarterback and running backs Stevan Ridley and Zac Stacy. While Fitzpatrick is not the answer in New York, the Jets are just trying whatever they can at the quarterback position. As for Ridley and Stacy, both additions were brilliant. Ridley signed for cheap and Stacy cost a seventh round pick. Both have showed they can be starting running backs and if the Jets can get them back to form, they will have a very good running game.

The NFL Draft helped the Jets continue to improve. While I’m sure they would have loved if either Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota, they were able to get the best player in the draft at pick number six. Leonard Williams will be a great additino to what is already a very good defensive line. They also added another receiver who, while I am not very high on, was considered the best deep threat in the draft. Devin Smith can track a deep ball with the best of them. However, I am skeptical of his route running skills when he is not running a streak. Bryce Petty was the Jets fourth round pick. This was a very good value pick and, despite all of the knocks against him, there is no reason Petty cannot compete for the starting job. When the depth chart at that position is as poor as it is, it’s anybody’s job.

The Jets joined the arms race that the AFC East became this offseason, and there is a legitimate chance that they won the race. How that translates to the field, we shall see. Their lack of quarterback is still worrisome for the team, but if that defense can keep the score low, they may be able to steal a decent amount of games.


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