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NFL Championship Sunday

NFL Championship Sunday
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NFL Championship Sunday Recap

What a Sunday this will be!!! Yes, I’m writing this in the present and not the past. I decided to upgrade the article at halftime of each game, so that my thoughts are still fresh in my mind.


The Packers have owned the half for sure. Wilson 3 INTs (one was not his fault) and a fumble on a kick off. Field position has been all in favor of the Wisconsin team. 16-0 is the score, and  Seattle is lucky its not worst. Wilson has one completion, and has looked lost. Lynch has tried hard, but this Packers defense has held well. The crowd is non existent, and that is credit to the visiting team. Seattle has more off-sides and false starts than the Packers, making you wonder if the game is really being played in the Northwest.  Rodgers (my favorite starting QB in the NFL) has been ok, but not spectacular. He should have the Packers up by 24 at the very least. We learned very early why he chose to not attack Sherman in game one. Sherman picked him off in the end zone. Rodgers two INTs so far, what? Did Geno Smith get into both these guys’ soul?…..Second half should be interesting…..stay tuned.

The second half was supposed to be all Seattle, except it became no Green Bay. Wilson continued to struggle, however Lynch became Lynch. Ultimately, the Seahawks took advantage of time and opportunities. The two point conversion was huge, if missed, the Packers win the game.  In overtime the home team owned the GB side and won the game. Seattle is the first SB  winner to get back to it in a while.

My Take

Well well, yes I picked the defending champs, but I was wrong. Rodgers was amazing, even hurt; however, when yours best defensive player is a “Patriots Gift, Freaky looking dude from the 70s, Fabio” you may not be good enough to win. I am so sick to watch this idiot on the sideline fixing his Hair. My wife has no clue about football, she said to me “who is that in love with himself?”. Enough said. Seattle survived 5 turnovers, 4 INTS on passes to Kearse, and nobody will care about it, if and when they win the SB again.


Patriots started out very strong, and quickly took a 14-0 lead also thanks to huge drops by Herron. The Colts have looked stunned and not ready, however thanks to Vince Wilfork’s dumb ass play and Tom’s gift, the game is back on at 14-7. Vince clearly forearmed a player that was already down, he should have been kicked out of the game. So far with two minutes to go, this is very much like the Seattle game, except its the home team with the breaks. So far Gronk has been useless. With 53 seconds to go and fourth down, Tom Brady looked like he had a Mac Truck on his back, but scrambled to 4th and one at the Colts’ 4. Devlin took it upon himself to push Brady’s butt to a first down. 23 seconds to go, first and goal. Brady’s first pass not even close. Second and goal to Gronk, who drops it. Third and goal with 16 seconds, Brady to Vereen, no catch. Huge stop by the Colts, huge mistake by then Patriots. The half ends at 17-7. Patriots had an opportunity to put the Colts away, but settled for a FG. This may come back and haunt them.

Second half was all Patriots, the Colts were massacred. The New England side is clearly a better team, the team of destiny, the Colts are done. To note a nifty INT by Revis, and Lynch style of running by the original outcast, Blount.

My Take:

The Patriots hurt my record, now 8-2 in these playoffs, but so what? Clearly this is a better Patriots team than we have seen in a while. Their match up with the Seahawks will be a good one, a game that will feature the two best CBs in the game, Revis Island and Sherman’s World. I know that we will see Patriots fans praising Blount this morning, as they should. He was the workhorse, the same one that I said they would miss when they chose not to pay him in the off season. The same Blount you, all of you said “ he didn’t do much, we don’t need him, good riddance. Congrats!


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