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NFL – Outside the Lines

NFL – Outside the Lines
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Have we become a crybaby society?


Reading about Dan Marino and his “almost” lawsuit made me think a little.

The NFL is under fire, and the new breed of “politically correct cry foul babies” threatens its mere existence.

Let’s back it up. The NFL was founded on toughness and hard-nosed people. That ideology is what has allowed it to replace baseball as America’s favorite pastime.

When Joe Namath and the N.Y. Jets (ex-Titans) won a game they should have lost against the establishment, it kicked off an amazing run. A run that some of us that witnessed every year of it will never forget.

In the 1970-90’s,  Major League Baseball was America, period. Television changed that, simply because 3+ hours of baseball became boring. 3 hours of people hitting each other was amazing!

As most of us know today, there is simply no better American-made sport to watch and follow on TV, or live, than the NFL.

These guys wanted to hurt one another; its what it was about. Boxing was very similar, as was the original wrestling (not the bull we have watched for the last 3o years). When players like Ronnie Lott, Bruce Smith, Jack Lambert, etc. hit you, you were not supposed to get up. The intent was to hurt, and in hurting, your team had a better chance to win. Defense was the game; look no further than Mike Ditka’s 1985 Bears. That team had no offense, the defense did it all; we became fans, and loved that league. That league is why ESPN was born, and why CBS, NBC, and FOX became as big as they are. The NFL and its brutal, relentless players is why the game has become as big as it is today.

The year 2000 arrives, and its not Windows that would kill America, but the “I want to be paid more” crybabies that are threatening to ruin us.

Suddenly it’s not cool to hit anyone in the NFL. If you sneeze near a franchise QB, that equals 15 penalty yards. You can no longer hit a WR coming down the middle with your momentum. You now have to stop and say “Can I hit him? Do I go low or high? Do I even take that chance?” All within a split second…bull!

Suddenly everyone is suing the game; why? Because they played accordingly to what they were told to do. WOW!

So imagine this:

  1. Your dad has been driving a truck for years; a drunken kid decides to cut him off, and he loses a leg and or arm. He years later sues the trucking industry for forcing him to drive a truck.
  2. You mom worked answering the phones for 30+ years and suddenly she has brain cancer. She sues the telephone industry for allowing waves through.
  3. A milkman that worked in a refrigerator for years develops arthritis; he sues the milk industry because it was refrigerated
  4. A lawyer defends a rapist and he in turn rapes the lawyer. She sues the county because she was allowed to defend a rapist.
  5. An actor sues Hollywood because years ago he did his own stunts, and now they have a computer do it. He sues the movie industry for his aches and pains, and yes, even concussions.

I am so tired of this “HELP ME SOCIETY”; it makes me sick.  You do what you do for a living by choice and need. Nobody forces you to get paid better than probably 99% of Americans; it’s your choice. Suing is becoming a handout; shame on all of them.

This mentality that we are allowing to continue will destroy this game and maybe even take it down. The NFL was designed to be a man’s game, played by men. If these guys can’t do it, they need to become lawyers, accountants or doctors. If not, shut up and play, collect your money, be smart with it and move on.


My Take:

I used to play a game on Saturday; on Sunday afternoon the team doctors would drain my ballooned kneed of its fluids. They would replace those fluids with cortisone. The cortisone allowed me to have lubrication, making it possible to practice Monday and Tuesday, in order to play Wednesday Night. On Thursday the process began all over again. This went on for three years. My lower back is destroyed due to those grueling days. Should I sue the NASL? NOOOOOO I should not. I was getting paid to play, and at any time I could have said no more. I did not because I was living a dream, as are all NFL players. To sue after you chose that life style is BULL!!!!!

The early players (50’s-early 70’s) didn’t make very much, and the survivors are probably hurting and need help. However, beyond that its become a jealousy thing; and they all wish they were collecting what these guys get today.




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