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NFL – Saturday Schmooze

NFL – Saturday Schmooze
Luciano 11
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Season is upon us, help with articles about your team

We will continue this weekend-combined article for Saturdays only, since Sundays we have Game Day pages. Feel free to submit articles to me for this day.

I do weekly picks and rankings over on the East; until further notice, I will do them here.

You do not have to agree with me it makes for a better site. I only ask that you keep it clean, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Have a great weekend and enjoy week 1, may your team, if its not mine lose!


AFCE Week 1 Predictions

Bears 32 – Bills 17          Jets 35 – Raiders 10          Patriots 21 – Dolphins 20

Steelers 24 – Browns 17          Ravens 27 –  Bengals 24


Season Predictions


  1. Patriots: 12-4
  2. Jets: 9-7
  3. Dolphins: 8-8
  4. Bills: 6-10


  1. Bengals: 10-6   wins tie breaker for first
  2. Ravens: 10-6
  3. Steelers: 8-8
  4. Browns: 6-10


Weekly Rankings

The Elite 4

Seattle, Denver, New England, San Francisco

In The Playoffs (8)

Indianapolis, Green Bay, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Philadelphia

Contending (8)

San Diego, Detroit, New York Jets, Miami, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta

In The Hunt (6)

New York Giants, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Houston, Buffalo, Washington

Battling For Draft Position (6)

Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Tennessee

Each week I will move teams up or down, according to performances. This week its basically last season and what I have noticed so far this off-season




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