NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back 

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back 
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What a great weekend! It was three days instead of the usual two, took advantage of the situation to do some yard work, and start my dreaded taxes. Well, for the first time since the invention of the wheel, it appears I will get money back and not have to send in thousands, I can deal with that. The icing on the cake came on Sunday night, as Cinderella Syracuse shocks the world and makes it to the Final four. So many doubters wrote how SU shouldn’t have even been in it, suddenly are now writing how good a coach Jimmy B is.


The Laugh of the week


Apparently Rexy, the one that can’t figure out how to get the entire DL to get back to coverage, without getting in trouble, that fool that thinks NY misses him; he is loudly rooting against the Jets in the Ryan Fitzpatrick contract negotiations. Yes, Rex, wants Fitzpatrick out of the AFC East.


Ryan the Fitzpatrick one, has struggled mightily against Rex, Rob’s twin. Rex is 8-1 against Fitzpatrick, including 2-0 last season. But the former Jets coach wants no part of Fitzpatrick in 2016.


“I hope he goes somewhere else, I do,” Rex, speaking at NFL owners meetings in Boca Raton, Florida. “He’s tougher than hell. What’s lost in it is, he might have played poorly against us — it might have been a bad day (last game of season) — but I think they won five straight with him and he was lighting it up, probably the most yards in the history of that franchise. We’ll see. Like I said, I hope they lose him.”


In reality Fitz was just shy of that, but he did have a good season, and without that loss, the Jets may have changed the outcome of the playoffs.


Rex knows that the Jets are a better team without him, and the thought of a second straight year of that would diminish his aura (the one he builds on his own). Word of advice to Rex: The more you talk the more attention you get, the better your team better do. Have you learned nothing from your De-Maronizing of a year ago?


What we may see this week


April Fools’ Day is on Friday, and on that day, the 49ers will have to show us their cards. Keeping Colin Kaepernick on the roster, will guarantee his entire $12M.


If a trade to Denver is to happen, it has to be before that. The Jets, contrary to news out of Pakistan, never had any interest in the tattooed demoralized QB. Browns now have themselves Robert Griffin, that leaves one team, the defending Super Bowl champs.


Ryan Fitzpatrick’s agent believes that if the Broncos do not get Colin, they will turn their attention to his client, leaving the Jets without a QB.


Here is what my crystal ball sees:


The Broncos do not trade for Colin. Since Kubiak seems to like statues at QB, they would be better off sending Tampa a 4th for their back up statue. The Broncos have no interest in Fitzpatrick, unless he decides to play for even less than what the Jets are offering.


Fitz will realize that his posturing for 18M was a bit of a reach to begin with. Jets will want to make sure that everyone realizes who won the stand-off,  but will want Ryan to look good too. So this deal gets done for 2 years, 22 million, with 8 guaranteed. And the telenovela will come to a conclusion.


Bring on Rex! His teams tend to go backwards.

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