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NY Jets Game Review…week 4

NY Jets Game Review…week 4
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Detroit Lions @ NY Jets

First of all congrats to Miami fans, a deserved and needed victory, regardless who the opponent is, good job.

It appears that the Dolphins will be the only winners in the division this week.

Now to the Jets game……

Wait! Let me take a breath and relax as I write this. The Jets LOST!!!!!

The turnovers are starting to take a toll, and this one is totally on Geno. His fumble hurt even more than his INT.

Game rewind:

The Jets went straight down the field against the NFL top rated Defense, and once again, yes, again, Folk had to kick a field goal. This was the beginning of a disastrous turn of events. Ivory almost single handily took the team inside the 20, and for the gazillion time, this offense stumbled to score a TD.

The Lions came back with a FG of their own, but I was not impressed with them at all. The Jets D continue to dominate this so called potent offense until a few breaks gave the Lions a lead.

The Jets came out in the second half and immediately stuffed Stafford, Johnson, Bush and every weapon to death………Geno even directed a great drive for a TD. But, that was where it all stalled.

Yes, Decker, Ivory and Salas dropped easy passes multiple times, however, Mr. Smith turned the ball over twice in the fourth quarter. No excuses for Geno this week; the fumble was a protection issue, but the INT squarely on him.

My Take:

Its too easy for every Jets hater here and everywhere as well as every ignorant new york/New jersey fan to scream for Vick. Let’s be a little realistic here. Do these fools believe that a switch automatically gets us a SB? Noooooooooooooooo

Does it give us the playoffs? Noooooooooooo…or at best maybe

You have to stick with the kid and allow him to grow out of these foolish decisions at the most in opportunistic time. The Jets are going through what was called the hardest stretch of 7 games in the NFl, so relax. If this team is to make the playoffs, it will happen, with or without Gen. Why disrupt the growth process. One positive, all three of these losses hurt, but at least they are still1-0 in the Conference.

BTW, before the nonsense starts (I’m writing this Sunday at 4pm), Rex isn’t going anywhere. I’m sure CImini and the Giants fans that are forced to write Jets articles for the NY media will be calling for that this week.


Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!


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