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Ny Jets Recap Week 2

Ny Jets Recap Week 2
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Jets @ Packers


The Jets’ trip to Green Bay was not one any experts, other than “myself”, predicted they could win. The Packers were humiliated on National TV in game 1, and the home opener was going to be theirs. Not so fast! It will not be that easy.

Without question Rex prepared his team to come out and bring it. The Jets pounced on Rodgers’ fumble and began a stretch that almost assured them a run away victory. They opened up with a 14-0 lead that dwindled down to 21-16 at the half. In the third quarter the Packers wanted the game much more than the Jets did, and the end result is a loss, 31-24.


Game Notes:

Geno Smith looked impressive for the second week in a row. His composure, game control and understanding of the offense have clearly improved dramatically. The 23 year old has developed good chemistry with Eric Decker, and it showed early in the game. The Jets Defense manhandled the Packers OL the entire first half. In fact Jets owned both sides of the trenches. Rodgers was so out of synch that he threw more ball away than I have ever seen him do before.

Chris Johnson was not as involved as I thought he would be. They tried to run him more, but I really expected him to run short routes that would keep the Packers Defense honest. This was a mistake on the part of Morty.

Decker had an excellent game, always available when Geno needed him. You can also make the case that the Jets offense became non-existent once he injured his hamstring and left the game.

Antonio Allen had a good game, as did Walls. The Jets CB tandem held WRs tight all game, holding them only to some acrobatic and extraordinary catches by Jordy Nelson. Not sure why it was important to take Walls out and out in a rusty Dee Milliner.

Coples had another solid game chasing Rodgers all over the field; he continues to improve at OLB.


The TD that wasn’t:

Down 31-24, the Jets had the ball on a 4th and 4 at the Packers 36 yard line, with 5:-6 to go. Geno dropped back and threw a perfect ball into the hands of Jeremy Kerley. It was a thing of beauty, TD! Hold it! Nope, there was a time out called by the Jets.

Apparently Morty started to run down the sideline to avert Rex to call time out, he didn’t like the play. Rex was too busy praying to God that Geno completes the pass, was not paying attention to his OC. At that point Morty changed his mind, however, Sheldon Richardson saw this and decided that he was going to help the team and screamed timeout to the ref near him. The ref, was nowhere near Rex, the only person that could correctly call timeout, he accepted the time out. Rex tried to make him realize that no way he called it, but to no avail. On the next play the ball went incomplete, game over.


My Take:

Very disappointed the Jets let this one get away, and the way they did. I do not blame the Refs on the blown TO call, hard to reverse that. I blame the loss on lack of discipline in the second half. They allowed the more seasoned team and the crowd to get to them, and the great work the team had done to that point all vanished.

Geno was superb and I am very excited on his development. Even when early on the crowd was so loud that he couldn’t communicate with his receivers, he never panicked, just handled it. I see some great things for the kid if this maturation continues.

Jets lost a game that could have made a huge difference in their season, but they are right were I thought they would be 3 weeks ago, at 1-1. I was very pleased that except for Wilkerson wanting to be Mohammed Ali, the penalties were under control. They will be a tough matchup, to every team they face this year, and if a few breaks go their way, this team will compete for the playoffs.

Next up the “Up-Down Cutler Led Bears” on Monday Night. Time to bounce back and make the home crowd proud….Go Jets!




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